05 Jun 2017

WeberHaus – the home-building partner you need

Building your dream forever home is an exciting prospect and one that the Potters looked forward to. WeberHaus helped them to design and build their stunning, post-retirement house on their own land, to suit their lifestyle, whilst retaining their beloved maze, lake and vegetable garden.

During the planning stage, the Potters’ plans encountered some potential challenges. Planning permission was not granted for the two-story house they had initially wanted; only a one-storey dwelling was permissible. WeberHaus architects worked closely with the couple to amend plans, installing a basement below, rather than adding a first floor above. The Potters didn’t need to compromise on the dream home they had envisioned, as WeberHaus incorporated everything they wanted with a simple revision and fresh perspective.

From the point of enquiry, to the moment you move in, WeberHaus works with you as a partner to ensure that you are listened to and that all your requirements are incorporated. WeberHaus homes are full of innovation; packed with cost-effective technologies and features that save energy, enhance lifestyle, and provide comfort and convenience. The Potters enjoy numerous bespoke internal and external features in their WeberHaus when compared to the other properties they have owned.

A perfect example is the HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation) system because it means that the air in their house is constantly fresh, no matter how long they have been away for. Natural heat, cold and sound ventilation also mean that WeberHaus houses maintain comfortable temperatures, another aspect that the Potters love. Put simply, even when it’s freezing outside, the house is constantly warm throughout yet energy bills remain next to nothing due to outstanding insulation and efficient systems. As an added bonus, the ventilation systems include built-in pollen filters so that common allergies such as hay fever are not aggravated inside the home. A healthy home means a happy home!

WeberHaus is committed to designing and building homes that enhance every homeowner’s life. In the Potters’ build, WeberHaus suggested installing an acoustic ceiling as the couple are hard of hearing. This has been revolutionary for them, allowing them to hear clearly, even with a room full of people. Future-proofing the home even further, this beautiful Cambridgeshire house has all-round accessibility and is completely wheelchair friendly, should this become a requirement in the future.

To further enhance its homes, WeberHaus offers a unique smart home system, using technology that controls the entire house with a single touch, providing almost endless possibilities that can be tailored to each customer’s needs.

Every project is a partnership between WeberHaus and the homeowner, with commitment at every level, engineered and built by master craftsmen, using innovation and creativity to work around any interim challenges. Faced with apparent obstacles during the planning stage of the Potters’ project, WeberHaus provided options and answers to ensure a happy resolution that safeguarded the Potters’ forever home vision. Thanks to WeberHaus’ passion for quality, from the materials chosen to the methods used, the Potters have now lived in, and loved their charming WeberHaus home for three years.

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