A room with a view

Jonny Davis, Director of Cotswold Windows, explores the latest design staple – large-format glazing and advises on the practical considerations when opening up your home...

The importance of positioning for outdoor cameras

Hazel Whittingham, Smart Residential Senior Product Manager at Yale, offers advice on where to position outdoor camera systems to ensure your home is guarded against...

How to transform your fireplace

Consumers are looking for visually appealing, space-saving and energy-efficient ways to transform existing fireplaces. And if they are refurbishing homes where there is no...

Property conversion in the face of climate change

Historic buildings account for more than a quarter of our existing building stock, and a surprisingly large number of ‘self-build’ properties are converted historic buildings...

Open-loop GSHPs meet the spec

At a small luxury development in south Buckinghamshire, open-loop ground source heat pumps (GSHPs) use water from the chalk aquifer to provide renewable heat for the hot...

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Contracts and Legalities

Home renovation projects are incredibly stressful, and it’s easy to get caught up in the moment knocking down walls, painting ceilings and building your dream home. It’s important to remember, however, that as well as a beautiful new home, you will also create a lot of waste and you need to think about how to manage and dispose of this.
In this article, Protek Self Build discusses why getting your build cost right when arranging self-build insurance cover on your project can make a huge difference to recovering from a serious loss.
You’ve done your numbers but adding an architect’s fee to your self-build project may seem extravagant and uneconomical. After all, the whole point is to save money, right? If you have a vision of creating your dream home from scratch, appointing an architect could actually save you time and money in the long run. Saint-Gobain explores further.
For many people in the UK, owning a home is not only a sound investment but the opportunity to put down permanent roots, create stability and modify surroundings to personal taste and style. Here, Rex Nye, from NYEs Building Supplies, provides five reasons why you should consider building your own home.