Common Building Mistakes for First-time Buyers

Robert Wood shares his top tips for planning an extension to your home.

The Self Build Diaries: Ed and Katie Pateman-Jones

Ed and Katie Pateman-Jones have successfully married old architectural elements with brand-new materials with stunning, rough brick surfaces and large expanses of glazing.

A Celebration of Materials and Crafts

Matthew Giles Architects has redesigned and upgraded this six-bedroom Victorian house in Wandsworth with surgical care and a close study of the site levels.

Glass Balustrades: Ideal for Modern Interiors

With their sleek and modern aesthetic, glass balustrades have become increasingly popular over the years.

10 Tips On Styling an Older Property for Market

In this article, Lauren Maylor, Creative Director at LOFT, offers her top tips on styling your home to its full potential.

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Contracts and Legalities

Are you struggling to find a self-build site that meets all your needs? Perhaps you’re finding it tough to know where to start? This month, to offer a helping hand, we’ve talked to Peter Johns, Research Director at Here, Peter reveals his top tips on finding the perfect plot to build your very own dream home.
Does the new Paragraph 80 mean it will be easier to build your dream home in the open countryside? Kris Baxter, Founder & Creative Director of Studio 11 Architecture, investigates.
Developing property – whether that be commercial or domestic – is a legal minefield, one whose complexities aren’t always easy to navigate. The intricacies of the planning world have not only left many self-builders and developers frustrated in the past, but worse than that, out of pocket, too. After all, when it comes to self-builds, it’s...
Verity Lovelock of BBD Architects, a renowned Hampshire practice that specialises in bespoke residential design, provides a step-by-step guide to get you started on your self-build or renovation.