Best insulation for self-builds

When planning a self-build, you’ll have a lot of decisions to make; however, one that may leave you feeling overwhelmed is deciding which insulation to purchase...

Five top tips on weatherproofing your cladding this winter

As winter approaches, many homeowners are busy thinking about...

What to consider when choosing a new worktop

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a kitchen worktop, beyond just what material to use and which pattern you like. In this...

Home sweet home(s)

In December 2018, architectural practice Adams+Collingwood Architects completed a superb, two-house multigenerational project in Odiham...

A victorious Victorian renovation

This five-bedroom Victorian terraced house featuring the original scullery extension at the rear and an unusual...

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In this article, Protek Self Build discusses why getting your build cost right when arranging self-build insurance cover on your project can make a huge difference to recovering from a serious loss.
You’ve done your numbers but adding an architect’s fee to your self-build project may seem extravagant and uneconomical. After all, the whole point is to save money, right? If you have a vision of creating your dream home from scratch, appointing an architect could actually save you time and money in the long run. Saint-Gobain explores further.
For many people in the UK, owning a home is not only a sound investment but the opportunity to put down permanent roots, create stability and modify surroundings to personal taste and style. Here, Rex Nye, from NYEs Building Supplies, provides five reasons why you should consider building your own home.
At the project outset, careful consideration will undoubtedly be given to the project’s feasibility and it’s quite likely you have allowed an element of contingency in the budget for unexpected costs. In this article, Protek looks at some of the risks you face that may extend way beyond that contingency. The insurance specialist also looks at how you identify...