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Are You Considering a Prefabricated Home?

modern-day prefabricated homes aren’t anything like those outdated models of the 70's and 80's.

Take a Deeper Look at Swimming Pool Tiles

For self-builders looking to refurbish or install a pool, getting the right balance between style and safety can be a challenge.

Transforming The Stables

In this Q&A, Melanie Clear, Founder of Clear Architects, talks to i-Build’s Editor, Rebecca Kemp, about the contemporary design of the brick-built, late 19th-century barn.

What Should You Consider for a Statement Staircase?

If a staircase blocks out light, is not well integrated into the house or if it is in a rickety condition, it might be time to look at an alternative.

Why Doors Are a Sound Investment

When choosing internal or external doors for a project, design and aesthetic appeal are usually top of the list. But looks aren’t everything.

Case Studies

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Project Inspiration

Contracts and Legalities

In this article, Verity Lovelock of BBD Architects, a renowned Hampshire practice that specialises in bespoke residential design, reveals the five key questions to ask when appointing an architect.
In this article, Max Mace, Managing Director of NM Finance, looks at the raft of competitive and innovative self-build mortgages that have come to the market post-pandemic.
Are you struggling to find a self-build site that meets all your needs? Perhaps you’re finding it tough to know where to start? This month, to offer a helping hand, we’ve talked to Peter Johns, Research Director at plotbrowser.com. Here, Peter reveals his top tips on finding the perfect plot to build your very own dream home.
Does the new Paragraph 80 mean it will be easier to build your dream home in the open countryside? Kris Baxter, Founder & Creative Director of Studio 11 Architecture, investigates.