20 Feb 2024

Vamping Up a Victorian Vision

In the bustling neighbourhood of South Tottenham, north London, Will Hollinshead embarked on a transformative journey with Plus Rooms and Six Hands to extend and renovate his Victorian end-of-terrace house. Here, we delve into the details of the home extension project, highlighting the inspiration, challenges and unique features that now define the revamped living space


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Will’s decision to renovate instead of move was primarily driven by the desire to expand a small galley kitchen through a side return. Living in the property influenced this choice, and the original two-bedroom Victorian end of terrace provided the perfect canvas for a modern extension.

The extension, while modern, seamlessly integrates with the original building. Six Hands, responsible for designing and building the kitchen, collaborated closely with Plus Rooms for the construction work. The vision behind the new home was to create a space that reflected Will’s personal style, incorporating tactile materials and a predominant use of wood.

While gaining planning permission was relatively quick, taking approximately three months, living in the property during the construction posed a challenge, but Six Hands and Plus Rooms managed the project efficiently. The build, which lasted around four to five months, stayed largely within the predicted timeframe. The completion in June 2021 marked the culmination of a meticulous process.

Material and product specification involved extensive conversations, emphasising the importance of tactile materials. Will recommends the use of charred timber – where he took inspiration from the charming old beach huts in Kent’s quirky coastal desert Dungeness – reclaimed Victorian tiles and stunning ply cabinets. Despite some splurges on irresistible materials, the project remained within the original budget.

The finished interior and exterior spaces embody a unique blend of modernity and Victorian charm. The building harmoniously responds to its surroundings, seemingly always a part of the landscape. While the local community’s opinion remains unexplored, Will expresses satisfaction with the uniqueness and comfort of his new home.

Will’s favourite room in his house, the kitchen, epitomises the project’s success. Reflecting on the experience, he humorously suggests moving out during renovations. Despite the challenges, he affirms that, from a distance, he would undertake the project again. His advice to others includes expecting delays, anticipating the unexpected and, importantly, retaining a sense of humour.

Will’s home extension stands as a testament to thoughtful design, collaboration with Plus Rooms and Six Hands, and a homeowner’s perseverance through challenges. The result is a unique, comfortable and modern living space that seamlessly integrates with its Victorian roots.

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