Technology in stoves has moved towards greater efficiency in recent years. Many stoves now have a sophisticated airwash system, where; once the fire is properly alight; preheated, secondary air is sourced from above the fire-bed,…
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A ready-made DEFRA Approved and EcoDesign Ready Inset Stove, with Volcanic Pumice Building Blocks – sourced from the Hekla Volcano in Iceland!
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H.D. Services Ltd. is a family run company based in Buckinghamshire and operating throughout the South East. We specialise in the construction and development of boreholes and soakaways; the installation of independent sewage treatment systems…
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Mendip Stoves has announced that with the recent refurbishment of its factory, and a large investment in a new spray plant, it will now be able to use water based paints for all its stove…
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Owen Stinchcombe built the energy efficient house of his dreams, complete with Solar PV and ground source heat pump technology, linked up to a battery storage system and operated by innovative smart controls.
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The impact of heating system selection on heating bills could be of great consequence for your new build project for many years to come. Environmental pressures have boosted the appetite and need for low carbon…
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Clearview stoves manufactured in the heart of Shropshire since 1987 are the finest, highly efficient wood burning stoves that spark a passion in all those who own one.
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Installers have been given a ground-breaking new way to specify designer radiators thanks to the launch of an industry-first augmented reality app by Barlo Radiators.
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Self builders who are developing multiple rural properties, and looking for off gas grid heating solutions, can offset the costs with lucrative funding from the Non Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), using ground source heat…
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At a site in Berkshire, H.D. Services Ltd. was instructed to install a Sewage Treatment System, Water Supply Borehole, Open-Loop Ground Source Heat Pump and Surface Water Soakaways for a 4 bedroom detached house. The…
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