We all know the importance of preparing walls and ceilings before decorating them to achieve that perfect finish. But did you know that filler is increasingly used for more than just patching up holes, gaps and cracks? Gallery Quality filler brands now offer ‘skim-fillers’ designed for plastering whole walls and…

There’s a growing interest in environmentally-friendly paints, but what do you need to check when choosing which to use? Earthborn investigates.

05 May 2021
This month, we’ve taken to Instagram to hunt down the most inspirational wall panelling ideas. Here, we talk to the creative minds behind some of the channel’s favourite DIY panelling and ask for their advice on doing your own designs.

08 Mar 2021
Parquet flooring is a popular choice, adding warmth and character to any room and with a timeless appeal that means there’s no danger of it going out of fashion. But just how suitable a flooring choice is it from a practical stance and can it be fitted as a DIY…

In this article, Sophie Nguyen, Director at Sophie Nguyen Architects, offers her professional advice on converting lofts for optimum spatial and aesthetically-pleasing, relaxing areas so you can make the most of your conversion.

Lydia Luxford, an experienced bathroom fitter, is Customer Services Manager at Easy Bathrooms. Here, she offers five tips to overcome plumbing problems when renovating an old house.

Even years of experience in the construction industry doesn’t guarantee a smooth ride for a self-build, as each project is different. Below, Chris Stanley, Housing Manager at the Concrete Block Association (CBA), discusses his experience building his own home and offers valuable advice to anyone embarking on a self-build project.

Before floor tiling begins, it is critical that subfloors are prepared properly. This means that they are level, sound, dry, free from deflection, dust and any other contaminants which may be considered barriers to adhesion, says David Wilson, UK Technical Services Manager at Building Adhesives Ltd (BAL).

Purchasing flooring is not an everyday task and as a result, can make you feel overwhelmed before even starting. However, straightforward preparation beforehand will set you on the correct course and eliminate choice paralysis.

16 Jan 2020
Barbara Genda, Principal Designer and Founder of Barbara Genda Bespoke Furniture, shares her expert advice for cleverly designed storage solutions that exemplify how best to make the most of every usable nook and cranny to provide generous, clutter-free spaces.

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