Dr Schutz - We Care About Floors
In the midst of a national lockdown, a family of five transformed their tiny 60m2 back garden into a stunning outdoor living space, using sustainable composite decking and saving thousands of pounds in a DIY…
Published in i-scape
Whilst 2020 has offered us a range of crises to focus on, the long-standing climate crisis still warrants our full attention. There are multiple ways we, as individuals, can contribute to climate care. One of…
Published in Viewpoint
Environmentally-friendly and sustainable aren’t just buzzwords for Remmers (UK) Ltd, who will showcase their new LW-722 [eco] stain finish at the W18/Elements Exhibition which starts on 30th September. Replacing fossil fuels with biomass process technology,…
Published in Doors & Glazing
When in search of a comfortable, healthy, bespoke and energy-efficient home, Aberdeenshire couple Vic Kirwan and Teresa Green felt that a self-build was going to be the best way to achieve their criteria.
Published in Sustainable Living
Stuart and Rosie Treasurer have radically transformed a 1960s bungalow in a leafy suburb in the Wirral, Merseyside, into a modern family home.
Published in Sustainable Living
Sue Eakers had always wanted to build her own home. After fruitless years plot searching, by chance she came across the old school house in a conservation area in Bradninch, Devon, which had been granted…
Published in Sustainable Living
Overlooking splendid views, this Kent property named ‘The Shack’ is more than meets the eye.
Published in Sustainable Living
John Churchett wanted some additional living space for his growing daughter. Having completely paid off the mortgage on his two-bedroomed single-storey home in East Sussex, John did not anticipate there being any problem with raising…
Published in Innovative Homes
To fulfil his long-held ambition of designing and building his own home, Heinz Richardson, an Architect at Jestico + Whiles, set about building House 19, an architecturally stunning and sustainable building, which has most recently…
Published in Innovative Homes
Meisterstueck-HAUS, a German off-site house manufacturing company, has gained a reputation in the UK for combining UK design flair with the latest technical advances in low energy construction and sustainability, at a sensible cost.
Published in Structural elements
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