Michael Holmes, Property Expert for the Homebuilding & Renovating Shows (HB&R Shows), shares insights on the evolving trends in home renovation. From open-plan living to the influence of the pandemic, Holmes provides a concise overview of challenges, innovations and the future of home design.

Working on a self-build project can be exciting, as homeowners can create their ideal space tailored to their needs, says Andy Kennedy, Designer for Crendon Timber Engineering.

As the gloomy economy and cost-of-living crisis continue to bite, it might be tempting to forgo booking a professional and dabble in some DIY electrics to save costs. However, it is vital to remember that there is a vast difference between adding a new lick of paint and carrying out…

Andrew Curry, Training Manager at Schlüter-Systems, discusses the benefits and installation options for underfloor heating systems, providing homeowners with cosy and energy-efficient heating solutions.

With homeowners’ purse strings tightened amid the cost-of-living crisis, it’s vital that people opt for home designs that weather well and stand the test of time. As the average UK house prices take a downward turn, there is no better time for discerning homeowners to make plans and consider extensions…

Winter is here, but unfortunately, so too are rising energy costs. Darren Whelpton-Smith from online building materials retailer Plumbing Superstore, part of CMO Group, looks at some of the heating options available to help self-builders save money and energy on their next project.

Whether you’re working on an old or a new building, read on to discover why Simon Ayres of Lime Green believes lime has the answers. Simon gave up building to focus on manufacturing lime because he believes its more relevant now than ever.

The latest self-build market report from AMA Research, highlights the strong disconnect between the number of available sites and where people want to build.

There’s a steep learning curve when you’re building or carrying out a large renovation project. Homebuilding & Renovating Show specialists who have lived through it describe the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

With few wanting to commit to the process of building their dream home from scratch, why not go about making changes that make your current abode appear custom-built instead? Ryan Abell, Owner of Abell Building Services, describes the ways in which a homeowner can make their current household look like…

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