No matter what finish you want to give your life – Osmo has the right colours. The best part is you get to choose: soft, warm or bold. Our do-it-yourself mixtures make it all really…
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Give your floors the treatment they deserve with Osmo Polyx-Oil. With Winter fast approaching, and the UK now in the second lockdown, it’s time to treat yourself and focus on creating your luxury dream floor!
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Polyx-Oil is a premium wood finish keeping wooden surfaces in top condition. Ideal for solid or engineered wood flooring, it is a high quality, water-repellent and tread-resistant wood finish based on natural ingredients.
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The video showcasess the range of beautiful high quality surfaces from Königstone, kitchen surface expert.
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Osmo UK, the eco-friendly wood and finishes expert, offers a range of decking oils to protect and maintain the beauty and quality of exterior decking. The product range provides resistance against water and dirt, while…
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What are the latest trends in flooring, particularly for high-traffic rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom where practical advantages are as important as aesthetics? How can porcelain tiles meet these requirements while offering flexibility…
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If you work in outdoor design, the chances are that you’ve heard great things about Millboard decking.
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A South-west based specialist building services contractor has put together a full package of renewable and underfloor heating products, from the OMNIE range, to meet the energy and comfort ambitions for a striking new housing…
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A regular customer of Circoflo has made use of their bespoke design service and the custom sized underfloor heating solution to carry out a challenging contract, involving the installation of an air source heat pump,…
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Valverdi Indoor-Out is a premium range of co-ordinating indoor and outdoor porcelain tiles designed to create harmony between living spaces. Launched in 2013 and now the market leaders in indoor-outdoor tiles, Valverdi provides an array…
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