With lockdown restrictions lifting and the property sector starting to ramp back up, home-builders and developers will be looking for opportunities, especially with the news that the Government has changed stamp duty rates with zero to pay up to £500,000.

11 Sep 2020
With a shift towards the use of colour in the bathroom, how can this be tapped into successfully while maintaining the need for relaxation and tranquillity and what other trends are coming through in the design of this smallest of spaces? Ben Bryden, Sales and Marketing Director at RAK Ceramics…

Fireplaces are typically something that many people realise they want, with sobering clarity, too late in their self-build or renovation project to be able to easily factor in. Thankfully, help is at hand in the form of stylish fireplaces that don’t require a chimney system.

11 Aug 2020
Since the start of lockdown, councils across the country have reported an increase in noise complaints. While this doesn’t necessarily mean people are any louder than before, it could be down to the fact more people have been at home. It neatly illustrates the lack of consideration sometimes given to…

Eric Nicholls, Managing Director at bespoke staircase manufacturer Spiral UK, shares the latest staircase design trends that are leading the way in architects, interior designers’ and homeowners’ choices for staircases in the home.

Re-thinking access to the upper floor of this property, changing the flow of the stairs and updating the materials created a graceful solution with multiple benefits. Here, i-Build looks at the project.

10 Jul 2020
When you are building your own property from scratch, ironmongery probably isn’t going to be at the top of your list of priorities. After all, if you’ve not got walls or a roof yet, your door handles might seem like rather a small concern.

10 Jul 2020
The front door not only contributes to visitors’ first impressions of a home but also forms a significant part of the property’s overall security. Here, David Saxby, Senior Category Manager at IronmongeryDirect, outlines the key considerations when choosing front door hardware.

Here, Niall Deiraniya, UK General Manager at DRU Fires, offers advice on specifying fires and stoves for your home-building project.

Here, we talk to the experts at Roman Showers to find out their top 10 tips for designing the wetroom of your dreams.

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