Heat escape from poorly-insulated homes is a known contributor to excess CO2 emissions. It’s a serious issue that needs urgent address if the UK government is to attain its net-zero target and put our built…
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With the pending changes to Part L of the Building Regulations and introduction of the new Future Homes Standard on the horizon, the outlook for new build domestic dwellings is changing. Fortunately, online builders’ merchant…
As a slim and highly efficient thermal multi-foil insulation for use in roofs, walls and floors, Alumaflex® is ideal for barn or loft conversions and in general timber frame construction. The proven, high performance product…
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Warmshell is Lime Green’s highly effective, versatile and breathable insulation system for internal and external walls whether they’re brick, timber or stone.
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Polyurethane foam can be used as a high performing insulant in self-build projects to meet or exceed today's standards. When used for airtightness or stabilisation under the roof or within the cavity it outperforms most…
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Cellecta, the UK’s leading manufacturer of Acoustic & Thermal Insulation have launched their latest product range to an ever-expanding Acoustic range with the introduction of RUBBERfon® ULTRATOP & IMPACT.
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Over 23%, or 4.7 million out of the 19.6 million cavity walled domestic properties in Great Britain do not have cavity wall insulation according to the ‘Household Energy Efficiency National Statistics, Detailed Report 2015’, published…
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The listed 19th Century former Schoolhouse overlooking the Dublin mountains was renovated and extended to create a new energy efficient residential family home.
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Many self‐builders have sleepless nights wondering whether they can meet the skill levels required for neat and effective brickwork, or – perhaps – should they be calling in the professionals at some considerable expense?
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Xtratherm's innovative full fill built-in wall insulation CavityTherm has been installed in Code Level 4 homes as part of the £6.4m AIMC4* project. The project is funded by the Government backed Technology Strategy Board** -…
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