At times when every available space in the home matters, making the most of the room you have is a must for everyone. When going down is easier than a loft conversion, a basement or cellar can be a great way to increase the space and value of your home.

Here, IQ Glass runs you through 10 elements that you should consider when specifying glass balustrades for a home-building project. Splitting its advice into five internal and five external tips, there’s bound to be invaluable knowledge in this article for every self-builder and home renovator.

A light, airy space where friends and family can enjoy each other’s company is a familiar design brief for many kitchen renovation projects. And when the interior designer is also the homeowner, the attention to detail and the expectation move up a gear.

As a key part of the external envelope and overall design scheme, it’s always worth taking the time to get the roof of your build right. Here, Matt Birchall from online builders’ merchant Roofing Superstore takes a closer look at some of the top trends that are likely to influence…

Tired of struggling with a kitchen that isn’t fit for purpose? Then these expert design tips from Keith Myers of ‘Kitchen Retailer of the Year’, The Myers Touch, will help you build your perfect kitchen extension.

We’re increasingly looking at ways to make our homes more energy efficient. For some, that’s updating our windows and doors, or loft insulation – whilst for others whose homes are already energy efficient, like new builds, it’s about our lifestyle choices.

09 Nov 2021
Padraig Hurley, Self-Build Manager at Taylor Lane Timber Frame, explores the top 10 elements that self-builders should consider when opting for a timber frame structure.

Peter Daniel, Product Innovation Director at The Rooflight Company, shares the top things you need to know about undertaking self-build projects in conservation areas and renovating period properties.

If you’ve recently completed a renovation on an older ‘doer-upper’ and you’re struggling to style it for the market, look no further. In this article, Lauren Maylor, Creative Director at LOFT, offers her top tips on styling your home to its full potential.

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