Making mistakes with a drainage system, mistakes that often only become apparent when the building is complete, can be painful and expensive. Richard Leigh, Development Director of drainage specialist Lanes Group, explains the steps that can be taken to avoid them.

In this article, i-Build talks to 130-year-old brand F.H. Brundle about how anti-climb paint can help keep your new home safe.

When deciding on a rainwater system, there’s more than the cost to take into consideration if you want to achieve a high-performing, long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing system for your home. Here are five tips for choosing gutters and downpipes.

Every time you open a newspaper, watch the news or settle down for a wildlife documentary, we are presented with the huge issue that is ‘plastic pollution’. This is not just about plastic carrier bags and bottles; it is also about the plastic used in the construction of our own…

Are you thinking of having rooflights installed in your home? If so, here are six things to consider before you make your choice. Carefully considering these key points will ultimately make the shopping process much easier and ensure you get a rooflight that is perfect for your individual project.

In this article, Darren Hook, Director of English Heritage Buildings, discusses why planning is essential to ensuring a successful build.

27 Nov 2019
Jonny Davis, Director of Cotswold Windows, explores the latest design staple – large-format glazing and advises on the practical considerations when opening up your home.

When planning a self-build, you’ll have a lot of decisions to make; however, one that may leave you feeling overwhelmed is deciding which insulation to purchase. But, finding the right insulation isn’t something you should choose lightly. After all, annually it can save you up to £455 in energy bills,…

Stuart McGinlay, Structural Waterproofing Designer at Wise Basement Systems, explains why approaching a self-build requires waterproofing consideration.

Here Sabahudin Medic, Operations Director at Roof Maker, explores the increasing role rooflights and glazing systems are playing in renovation projects and the latest innovations available to homeowners to provide the highest standards in aesthetics, performance and efficiency.

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