Thinking of working from home more often, but need a new space to make a perfect office? Here are 12 reasons to build that space in your own garden.

12 Feb 2021
In this article, Sarah Viney of Marmox explains how some of a home’s trickiest technical challenges can be overcome with a surprisingly simple solution.

07 Dec 2020
Sculptural as well as functional, Bisca’s bespoke staircase stands proud in the centre of a large open gallery-style space, framed by full-height windows to show off the design, day and night.

Cladding is increasingly popular across new builds and refurbishments as a tasteful finish for buildings of all types, with an innovative application making for the creation of some truly impressive facades.

Whether a new-build, self-build or refurbishment project, the important role of rainwater systems cannot be understated in terms of aesthetics and the long-term integrity of a building.

The introduction of the Domestic Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) in 2018 means all new builds must adhere to a minimum level of energy efficiency. A positive move from the UK Government, it has led to a substantial cut in carbon emissions from home energy use and significantly slashed homeowners’…

Correctly specified and installed, roof windows can improve the aesthetics of your build and provide you with long-term rewards such as improved thermal comfort and reduced energy bills. Here, Colin Wells, Head of Technical at Keylite Roof Windows, looks at the top five considerations.

It’s no secret that millennials across the nation are increasingly struggling to secure a foot on the UK’s housing ladder. Amidst affordability issues, lingering student debts and scarcity in loan availability; homeownership prospects for this cohort are challenging to come by.

Our building legislation contains many sustainability standards to be met. But for many self-builders, these are merely the starting point rather than the finish line, says Rupert Kazlauciunas, Technical Product Manager at Zehnder Group UK.

We’re a bit behind the times in the UK when it comes to residential construction methods – seemingly cemented (pun intended) to our ‘bricks and mortar’ approach. On mainland Europe, pre-fabricated, timber-framed homes are pretty much the norm, but we’re just catching on to the concept, writes Carole Groombridge, Building…

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