The introduction of the Domestic Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) in 2018 means all new builds must adhere to a minimum level of energy efficiency. A positive move from the UK Government, it has led to a substantial cut in carbon emissions from home energy use and significantly slashed homeowners’…

Correctly specified and installed, roof windows can improve the aesthetics of your build and provide you with long-term rewards such as improved thermal comfort and reduced energy bills. Here, Colin Wells, Head of Technical at Keylite Roof Windows, looks at the top five considerations.

It’s no secret that millennials across the nation are increasingly struggling to secure a foot on the UK’s housing ladder. Amidst affordability issues, lingering student debts and scarcity in loan availability; homeownership prospects for this cohort are challenging to come by.

Our building legislation contains many sustainability standards to be met. But for many self-builders, these are merely the starting point rather than the finish line, says Rupert Kazlauciunas, Technical Product Manager at Zehnder Group UK.

We’re a bit behind the times in the UK when it comes to residential construction methods – seemingly cemented (pun intended) to our ‘bricks and mortar’ approach. On mainland Europe, pre-fabricated, timber-framed homes are pretty much the norm, but we’re just catching on to the concept, writes Carole Groombridge, Building…

Anthony Millington, Business Development Manager at Amron Architectural, is certainly no stranger to the trends taking place in the self-build and home renovation sectors and has witnessed the most creative uses of metal mesh for home-building projects. Here, i-Build’s Editor, Rebecca Kemp, quizzes Anthony on the use of this increasingly…

Neil Ginger, CEO at Origin, offers his insights into the most important considerations when specifying doors for a conservatory.

Making mistakes with a drainage system, mistakes that often only become apparent when the building is complete, can be painful and expensive. Richard Leigh, Development Director of drainage specialist Lanes Group, explains the steps that can be taken to avoid them.

In this article, i-Build talks to 130-year-old brand F.H. Brundle about how anti-climb paint can help keep your new home safe.

When deciding on a rainwater system, there’s more than the cost to take into consideration if you want to achieve a high-performing, long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing system for your home. Here are five tips for choosing gutters and downpipes.

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