Building, renovating or extending your home is an exciting and rewarding venture. Whether you’ve done it all before or you’re stepping into brand new territory, you want to know that you’re doing things in the…
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Looking to transform your home in 2023? Keen to improve your energy efficiency? Or maybe you’re dreaming of building a secure, sustainable home from scratch?
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The importance of good quality lighting and the positive influence it has on spaces and individuals is appreciated more and more by the wider public. But how do you ensure good quality lighting is achieved…
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Finding the right light fittings to use in your bathroom can be a tricky matter, especially if your electrician or quick internet search points towards IP44-rated fittings. Whilst there are areas where IP44-rated fittings are…
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During the winter months, our bodies crave warmth and light. This along with the ‘hygge’ trend from Denmark, are key when enhancing our sense of wellbeing over the coming months.
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CORE Design Co is a subsidiary of CORE Landscape Products. It designs, manufactures and supplies high-quality, innovative metal products for interior and exterior applications. Focusing on the design-led development of practical and ornamental landscaping products…
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Woodeaves is a new-build residential project designed for family living. Having previously lived in a dark 1970s mock Tudor house with many separate rooms, when considering the design of their new house they put ‘light…
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How can light be applied to the facade of a house to create a certain mood, give it an identity or provide a focal point? It can be applied in a number of ways via…
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Concord Tide by Sylvania - discreet, linear illumination of large wall surfaces.
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Great lighting at the front of your self-build not only provides a warm welcome for guests, it is also a practical addition.
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