20 Nov 2018

Gloucestershire couple triple the size of their home by remortgaging

A Gloucestershire couple are thrilled to have their family living with them after converting their four-bedroom home into a 12-bedroom property after remortgaging.


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Paul and Jeanne Shorland, who are semi-retired from their jobs working for a flooring company, were looking to take out a second mortgage to fund renovation works on their home in Winterbourne, near Bristol.

The aim of the project was to convert both the barn and stables connected to the house into living spaces for the use of their family.

“We originally purchased the house in an auction and moved in 22 years ago,” explains Paul.

“All of the buildings around it were derelict at the time, but because it was such a terrific-looking house, we just fell in love with it instantly!

“I’ve always loved houses and was keen to do more work on our own to make way for our family, which is why we started looking into remortgaging.”

The mortgage product with esbs has allowed Paul and Jeanne’s daughter Amy, her partner Joel and their four children – Oscar, Jasper, Ada and Isla – to move into the converted barn, while their niece Caroline, her partner Dainton and their two children, Archie and Monty, are now living in the converted stables.

“It’s absolutely lovely to have so much of our family around us,” the couple add. “We’re all very close-knit, but with the extra living space that we now have it doesn’t feel like we’re living on top of one another.”

“With most of the work on the renovation done, I’m left with plenty more time to work on my other little projects, which I like to potter about and do,” says Paul.

Jeanne says she too feels freer to pursue the things in life she enjoys the most – such as spending time with her family.

“I’ve recently gotten back into painting,” she says, “which was an interest of mine when I was younger and this brings me lots of pleasure and happiness.

“Having my grandchildren here is great because it allows me to paint for them, which is lovely.”

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