Nick Green, author of the Self Build Garden Room Guide, shares his top tips for building your own garden room.
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David Jackson, Director and General Manager of one of Europe’s leading distributors of stainless steel and brass fasteners, STF – Stainless Threaded Fasteners – talks saving time and money in a buoyant photovoltaic market.
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A commercial pilot for a well-known short-haul package holiday airline can now extend his flight time from the comfort of his own home, thanks to his own personal garden aircraft hanger.
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Ishai Novak has specified products that make the most of natural light as well as his garden in a new extension of his seven bedroom Hertfordshire home.
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A multi-million pound refurbishment in Suffolk has sought inspiration from American architecture. The revamp has seen significant interior remodelling and extension work completed in order to create the desired look.
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Jane and Ian McClintock have built a modern home for retirement on the land of their family heirloom farmhouse.
Published in Sustainable Living
An impressive 1970s glass home in Suffolk has been brought to the 21st century.
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The self-build marketplace is home to a growing number of 'green' retail websites focused on satisfying the increasing demand from UK households for cost effective, energy efficient products and solutions.
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Every month i-build follows Will Anderson as his self-build adventure unfolds. This issue the cables and pipes go into his new low energy home.
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Maes Yr Onn Farm, Manmoel, sits high above the Gwent valleys as Wales’ first fully off-grid and truly self-sufficient farm.
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