Peter Daniel, Product Innovation Director at The Rooflight Company, explains the different loft conversion options homeowners have and the benefits that rooflights bring to them.
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Developing property – whether that be commercial or domestic – is a legal minefield, one whose complexities aren’t always easy to navigate. The intricacies of the planning world have not only left many self-builders and…
Artistic Studio is located within the heart of what was once a bustling artistic and bohemian community in London, designed by Rodić Davidson Architects.
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The idea of building their very own house first crossed the minds of Clare and Joe Hughes in 2013. When the pair decided it was time to move on from their previous home, they encountered…
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With pressure on the Government to ban the installation of gas boilers in all new homes from 2025, except those which are hydrogen-ready, which type of renewable heating is the best alternative? Darren McMahon, UK…
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In the first lockdown, “the entire planet” spent 35% more time at home (Al Jazeera News). One result was that we gained a better understanding of what we want and need from our homes. As…
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With so many different types of bricks on the market, it can be a minefield for self-builders or anyone involved in renovations to make the right choice. Understanding the difference between waterstruck and wirecut bricks,…
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In this article, Sally Storey, Creative Director at John Cullen Lighting, offers her professional advice on choosing a lighting scheme for outdoor spaces.
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Over the last year, gardens have become sanctuaries for homeowners craving a little escapism from the rest of the household or home-working setups.
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This month, we talk to first-time self-builder and self-proclaimed Scandi/industrial design addict Joanna Fletcher. If you’re following Joanna on Instagram, you’ll be all too familiar with her and husband, Sam’s, positively inspirational home transformation and…
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