H+H, the largest UK manufacturer of aircrete blocks, has launched a new website dedicated to the self-build sector.
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The Scandinavian log cabins and lodges at the picturesque Felmoor Park in Northumberland have been given a striking new finish thanks to Remmers wood coatings.
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H+H’s Rå Build method has been used by design and build contractor Canning Ericsson to speed construction of a three-storey apartment block on a confined site in Brighton.
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The notion of building one’s own home is one that has increasingly captured our imagination over the past few years and experts say the next 12 months are likely to see record numbers of people…
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Complete Stair Systems supply stunning Spiral Staircases & Bespoke Stairs for new builds and refurbishments across the UK. With an emphasis on open, modern and light designs, their staircases are supplied to create a real…
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Meisterstueck-HAUS, a German off-site house manufacturing company, has gained a reputation in the UK for combining UK design flair with the latest technical advances in low energy construction and sustainability, at a sensible cost.
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In recent years, the idea of building one’s own home has become incredibly popular within the UK. A steady relaxation of Government regulation has been aimed at easing the uphill struggle often associated with acquiring…
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With the latest release of SketchUp 2016 we’re integrating Trimble Connect directly into SketchUp. As a refresher, Connect is Trimble’s platform for storing, syncing, referencing, sharing, and collaborating on design/build projects. Sign up for a…
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Many of us dream of building our own home, from designing the perfect living space, to hunting for those all-important finishing touches, but most us think this will always be a dream, rather than becoming…
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Approximately 13,000 people across the UK complete their own self-build home every year and despite a common misconception, following the custom or self-build option is not just for those with grand designs and grand budgets…
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