04 Aug 2016

Let us help build your lifetime home

H+H, the largest UK manufacturer of aircrete blocks, has launched a new website dedicated to the self-build sector.

The Lifetime House website gives heaps of information about building a home using traditional masonry construction, discussing the performance characteristics of aircrete and explaining its role in building a modern, efficient and flexible home that will last for lifetimes.

The site includes some inspirational case studies, showing completed self-build projects and explaining why the homeowners made their design choices. There is a video demonstrating the most up-to-date thin-joint method of building and a technical advice service to contact for further information. The technical team can then refer potential homeowners over to one of H+H’s Thin-Joint System recommended contractors to carry out the masonry build.

This site is an easy-to-use introduction to aircrete, a lightweight, thermally efficient masonry material combining the performance and durability of masonry with the speed and convenience of a modern building material.

Ideal for potential homeowners looking to find their next building solution, www.lifetimehouse.co.uk is packed with information at your fingertips.

iot@hhcelcon.co.uk     www.lifetimehouse.co.uk      01732 880111

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