13 Mar 2019

Go green with BioLPG from Calor

Self-building in the countryside can throw up a unique set of challenges, especially if your plot is off-grid. Having no access to mains gas means you’ll need to consider what fuel you’re going to use for heating, hot water, and cooking.

Traditionally, oil was the default fuel option if you were building in a rural area, but nowadays it’s more likely you’ll be weighing up renewable options. If you’ve heard about the Government’s Clean Growth Strategy you may also be looking to future proof your energy.

We are committed to reducing carbon emissions and our aim is to offer our customers 100% renewable energy solutions by 2040. To help us on this journey we now supply BioLPG - offering all the benefits mains gas, while giving you our customers a clear conscious when it comes to emissions.

Although renewables such as Air Source Heat Pumps, Ground Source Heat Pumps and Solar PV are attractive options, you may be worried about upfront costs or longer-term maintenance. Find out more about how BioLPG could be the solution in your new home.

BioLPG benefits BioLPG is made from a mix of renewable and sustainably sourced raw materials, so opting for the green gas can help you reduce your carbon footprint for home heating by 38 per cent compared to heating oil and by 15 per cent vs standard LPG.

BioLPG is just like standard LPG in providing all the benefits of gas for heating, hot water and cooking. Another plus is that BioLPG has the same chemical composition as conventional LPG. This means it works with standard LPG systems, boilers and appliances, which are often are cheaper to install than renewable systems.

For on-site gas storage you can choose between above ground tanks, underground tanks, and cylinder packs, which range in price from £250 to £1,800 (source: Calor customer pricing Jan 2019, based on standard installation). You can pick up an LPG boiler from around £400 too , so the overall cost of the system is usually lower than other renewables.

For example, Air Source Heat Pump installation can cost £11,000 , Ground Source Heat Pumps can cost £10,000 - £18,000 , and an average initial investment of £4,000 - £6,000 is required for Solar PV . If installation cost is a big deciding factor for you, it really is a no brainer.

Boiler installation LPG boilers are pretty brilliant too. There’s lots of A-rated LPG boilers to choose from, and many achieve efficiencies of 90 per cent or more. LPG boilers are compact and can be wall mounted to take up less space, which is ideal if space is at a premium on your build.

We work with a large network of LPG qualified, Gas Safe installers who you can rely on to fit and service your LPG boiler. Simply log on to the ‘Find an installer’ tool on our website to browse our database of installers.

Auto-ordering is also available on our BioLPG tanks too. We’ll monitor your gas levels and automatically schedule a top up when needed – plus you don’t have to be at home for the delivery which is a bonus.

Quick quote If you’re currently researching options and weighing up costs, you can get an instant BioLPG quote on our website. You can quickly see how much it could cost to use BioLPG for your energy, so you can factor this into your forecast for utility bills.

It’s really easy to get a quote. Just enter your address, your name and contact details, then select ‘building a new house’. We’ll also need to know information about your expected build type and size.

You’ll then be given a quote for conventional LPG and BioLPG monthly tariffs, and it may surprise you to see how little extra it costs to opt for the greener option!

Self-builders wanting to learn more about how to go greener with Calor BioLPG should visit Calor’s dedicated self-build page or call 0800 121 4531.


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