24 Oct 2019

Design a beautiful home with Cedral

As your property’s exterior offers the perfect opportunity to make a first impression, it is the ideal starting point to making home improvements.

From timber to traditional brick, there is a range of materials you can choose to refresh the aesthetic of your home. However, if you’re looking for a visually striking, low maintenance facade for your property, fibre cement cladding is the perfect choice.

Cedral fibre cement cladding is one of the leading materials you can choose when looking to achieve an individual exterior, with its wide range of colours, matching trims and traditional timber effect or contemporary smooth finishes.

Whilst you’ll want to ensure the aesthetic of your home is unique, you don’t want to be regularly maintaining the exterior facade of your home due to deterioration or fading. This is why Cedral has been designed with a multi-layered fibre cement structure, offering substantial strength that can withstand the harshest of weather conditions, such as sunlight, wind and rain. The low maintenance material offers a minimum life expectancy of 50 years and has a Class A fire performance rating.

For a New England style, Cedral Lap can be installed in a traditional clapboard effect, with each plank over-lapping to conceal the fixings of the plank beneath for a flawless finish.

If you’d prefer a more contemporary feel to your property, Cedral Click is the UK’s first and only fibre cement, flush fitting, tongue and groove weatherboard material, offering a sleek and flat exterior for a streamlined finish. Both smooth or timber effect cladding designs can be chosen, enabling you to choose the ideal finish for your home.

Cedral Lap and Cedral Click fibre cement cladding materials offer homeowners the perfect solution for completing exterior renovation projects with ease. Available in 21 factory-applied colours and two woodstain finishes, homeowners have the flexibility to select the style suited to their property. For further details about Cedral and to request your free sample visit: www.cedral.world


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