15 Oct 2018

H.D. Services Ltd Open-Loop GSHP installation in Berkshire helps company to win RHI Installer of the Year - South East at the Green Deal & ECO Awards 2015

At a site in Berkshire, H.D. Services Ltd. was instructed to install a Sewage Treatment System, Water Supply Borehole, Open-Loop Ground Source Heat Pump and Surface Water Soakaways for a 4 bedroom detached house. The idea was for the property to be as self-sufficient as possible.

An advantage of open-loop ground source heat pump installations is that the discharge water can feed a harvesting tank, from where it can be pumped for garden irrigation or other ‘grey-water’ uses. Harvesting tanks that are only connected to a rainwater system will quickly run dry during a prolonged drought, whereas a harvesting tank fed from a heat pump will replenish whenever the heat pump is in operation. The water from the supply borehole can also be used as a potable supply (subject to analysis and filtration), meaning that the home owner also saves money on water rates. Include with this the independent sewage treatment system, the owners of this self-build property save considerably on sewerage and water rates.

Working from building plans and SAP reports, the quote allowed for the supply and installation of a 26-kW Soleco heat pump. The borehole was drilled using a cable-percussion rig - the method preferred by the Environment Agency when drilling into the chalk aquifer. The borehole log was submitted to both the British Geological Survey and Environment Agency to protect the abstraction from derogation by a third party.

We were involved in the design of the plant room and our plumbing and electrical guides were distributed to inform the heating distribution system installers of both the plumbing and electrical requirements of the heat pump, ensuring that those on site had information to hand regarding system requirements. This provided confidence that all required connections were in the correct location, making the installation and commissioning of the heat pump a straightforward process.

H.D. Services Ltd. ensured that the installation was RHI compliant and that the customer was in possession of all relevant information to enable an application for the domestic RHI. We supported this process by recalculating the Seasonal Performance Factor (SPF) of the system.

Work commenced in August 2012 and was completed in 2014. The installation benefits from a 5 year workmanship warranty, an annual maintenance contract and is in receipt of the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (dRHI).


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