10 Jun 2019

Things to think about before converting your loft

It’s a great feeling to turn that dusty, dark old loft into your favourite room in the house. You might have a growing family and need an extra bedroom. It could be a home office, so you have the space and peace to build your business. Or maybe you just want a quiet, calming sanctuary for some quality ‘me time’.


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Whatever project you’re planning there’s a few things to think about before converting your loft into a space that adds value to your house and helps you realise your home’s full potential with plenty of natural light.

Choosing the right window

Lofts are commonly smaller than the other rooms in your house, so when planning your conversion you need to think carefully about how you can make the most out of your space. This starts with your windows as they not only add essential daylight that opens up the room, they also allow for natural ventilation, turning a previously dark and stuffy space into a comfortable and healthy room.

While there are many types of roof windows available, it’s important to choose one that will be most practical in your room. Top-hung roof windows are ideally suited to loft conversions, where space can be at a premium as they open outwards to create uninterrupted views and a feeling of extra space.

Added space and light

If you already have dormers in your loft, you might be surprised to know that roof windows work well alongside them. Rather than being rivals in your loft, these two very different products are actually partners, complementing each other when used together because they perform very different functions. While dormers bring often much-needed head height to your loft, roof windows can bring in twice as much natural light. So you can enjoy the feeling of more space and more daylight.

For homes near highways, an airport or any other loud areas, choose enhanced noise reduction roof windows to help you get a perfect night’s sleep.

Designing with daylight in mind

Once you have chosen the type of roof windows you will use in your project, consider the number and size as this will have a huge impact on the look and feel of the space. By installing large or multiple roof windows you will not only maximise the amount of daylight to the space but also add an additional wow factor to your loft. We’d recommend that your glazing in the roof should take up an area equal to 15-20% of the room’s floor space to bring in the right amount of natural light.

Creating a comfortable indoor environment

It’s always a good idea to talk to your builder as early as possible about how much glazing you should factor in to your loft conversion plans.

There are many glazing options available but for a loft conversion bedroom we’d recommend 60 pane as it comes with enhanced noise reduction and an easy to clean coating.

A loft flooded with daylight looks and feels amazing but to create the most comfortable space, you need to be able to control the amount of heat and light coming in. Blinds and awnings let you do just that. They come in a wide selection of colours and sizes designed to fit your roof windows, and complete the look of your new space.

You can choose from a number of different options that help you properly control both heat and light in your loft, allowing you to achieve your ideal indoor climate.

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