21 Nov 2018

A helpful guide on what you should be doing with your lawn throughout the seasons


All lawns need mowing – it’s an important task that ensures your lawn is healthy all year, but do you need to treat your lawn differently as the months go by?


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Here are some top tips to keep your lawn healthy throughout every season.

January and February

If there is a frost during these months try and avoid walking on your lawn. Walking on your lawn when it’s covered in frost can damage the grass which in turn will leave your lawn open to diseases. The ideal time to brush away fallen leaves and other winter debris is when the weather is a little milder.

March and April

Typically March and April are a little warmer, so as the weather picks up, lawn care becomes more important. Around this time of year you would have seen some substantial lawn growth so you may decide now is the best time to give your grass the first cut of the year. When cutting your lawn for the first time only give it a small trim. April is also the best time to apply a fertiliser to your lawn which will encourage growth throughout the rest of the year.


Because lawn growth will really increase during the month of May, regular mowing of your lawn during late spring will keep it looking healthy.

June, July and August

It’s likely that your lawn will need to be mowed twice a week during the summer months. Water your lawn if necessary.

September, October and November

You will need to continue to mow the lawn as often as required, but you may find that you need to do this less as temperatures begin to drop and the days start to become much shorter.


Frosts are more likely during the month of December and there may even be snow, so avoid walking on your lawn as much as possible to limit damage.

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