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21 Nov 2018

Eight easy steps to building a shelving unit with a difference

You can never have enough storage so this month i-build explores how to build a stylish set of shelves in eight easy steps.

Step one

Cut the board into three equal lengths – making sure the edges are smooth by sanding them down. Drill a hole each corner of the three shelves you’ve created – be sure not to go too close to the edge as this will reduce the strength of the shelf.

Step two

Work out where you want to hang your middle shelf – make a mark on the wall. Do the same for your top and bottom shelf making sure the spacing between each shelf is the same distance. This will give you your measurements to work.

Step three

Find your fixing point above the top shelf allowing enough space to ensure the rope does not compromise what you plan to display.

Step four

Put a heavy-duty wall fixing into the wall at your marked fixing point. A stainless steel heavy-duty hook will be ideal.

Do these next few steps on the floor.

Step five

Thread the rope through one of the holes in the bottom shelf and tie a knot on the underside. Do the same knotting and threading for each shelf – keep testing and adjusting the knots if needed. Remember the top of the knot is the bottom of the shelf.

Step six

Once you have reached the top shelf, allow enough rope to reach the fixing point and return to the shelf. Repeat the process in step five, but going down, towards the bottom shelf.


It’s important that the knots are tied in the same place on the underside of each hole as the adjacent knots. This will ensure the shelf stays level.

Step seven

Repeat process on the other side of the shelves.

Step eight

You’re ready to hang your new storage system.

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