11 Sep 2018

Make your home more biophilic


Here, Karndean Designflooring explains how you can bring a touch of the outdoors into your space; not only to create a harmonious and tranquil living area, but to also enhance your health and wellbeing.


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The innate biological connection we have with nature can have a positive impact on our wellbeing. There are so many articles documenting how biophilic design can reduce stress, improve cognitive function and creativity, as well as accelerate the rate at which we recover from illness.

Recognising the impact our environment has on our mental state, it’s vitally important to get the balance right.

It may sound like the obvious place to begin, but introducing plants, flowers and greenery into your living area is fundamental for neurological nourishment. Try choosing several small- to medium-sized planters, placing them around the room so that greenery is always in eyeline.

If you have tall ceilings, consider indoor hanging baskets or sky planters – these create quite a spectacle. In smaller spaces, think about creating a funky terrarium. You can make wonderful homemade ones using Kilner jars, old glass cafetieres and even old lightbulbs.

How can you take indoor planting to the next level?

Artificial green wall panels are perfect for creating a striking visual. You can cover an entire wall or use the lightweight panels individually as wall art. Research has shown that even looking at pictures of nature scenes can elevate our spirits, so why not head out with your camera to your favorite park or green space. You can then display your prints around your self-build.

From the fabrics in your soft furnishings to the colour on your walls, take inspiration and use natural materials wherever possible.

Maximising natural light is also important. Firstly, make the most of the natural light that enters your self-build. Paint your walls white so light can reflect and bounce around your space easily, or think about changing your drapes for a lighter fabric. There are also many fantastic artificial lighting options that can recreate the benefits of natural light, perfect for smaller dwellings.

If you’re a city dweller or perhaps don’t have instant access to the outdoors, poor air quality could be impeding on your wellbeing. Consider a Himalayan salt crystal lamp. An inexpensive solution, these salt lamps are powerful, natural air purifiers. Eliminating allergens and pollutants – they’re also rather beautiful.

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