07 Aug 2018

How these carpeting trends can miraculously transform the aesthetic of a hallway


Adding carpet, a stair runner or just a fresh lick of paint to your staircase can transform an old, worn and dull-looking walkway into the bright focal point of your hallway that your home deserves. But what’s best – a fully-carpeted staircase, one that showcases a stylish stair runner or one that is bare with a few brushstrokes of paint?


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Our stairs see a lot of traffic – after all; they are the only way to get from one floor to another – so it’s important to take care when deciding how to embellish them.

First things first, what is the difference between a stair runner, a carpeted staircase and a painted one? A stair runner is a strip of carpet that covers only a portion of your staircase – the middle – leaving the edges bare and exposed. Fully carpeted stairs cover the entire staircase and painted stairs often start life as bare and wooden steps that are then painted in a fresh, clean colour.

Painted stairs offer a modern and fresh aesthetic, are easy to clean and often help to make a hallway look brighter and bigger.

Carpeted stairs and stair runners, on the other hand, are softer underfoot, can help with noise control and add warmth and texture to the home.

If you’re struggling to make a decision, why not have the best of both worlds? Use a runner to add pattern and comfort underfoot and paint the exposed part of the steps to help add an easy-to-clean and fresh-looking aesthetic to your staircase.

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