12 Oct 2018

How to build a garden room

This month, TG Escapes discusses how to build a garden room from start to finish in just five days.

Day one – foundations go down

The first step is to lay the foundations for your garden room. Dependent on the situation, either concrete or low-impact screw piles will be the ideal solution.

Day two – construction

Once your modular components and materials arrive on site, construction can start. Begin with the timber frame and SIP panels.

Day three – the roof

It’s time to add the roof onto your garden room. Choose a sedum roof for a natural look that will help with water runoff. Sedum can reach a height of 2 to 5cm and forms a tightly knitted carpet on a green roof, it requires little maintenance. You can also incorporate sunpipes and solar heating or PV panels. It’s advised to add cedar cladding so your construction is well protected from the elements.

Day four – doors go in

You can add bi-folding or sliding doors as well as standard opening options onto your garden room. It’s also best at this stage for any internal plastering to take place and now’s the time to have all your connections hooked up.

Day five – the finishing touches

All you need to do now is add all of your personal touches to the inside of your garden room. Why not add a splash of colour by painting your walls.

Your finished garden room can be a fully furnished, energy-efficient extension to your home with fantastic natural light and beautiful views. Perhaps best of all, if you decide to use your new room as an office, your commute to work can be less than a minute!

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