08 May 2017

Oak framed swimming pool buildings: the ultimate luxury extension to your house

An oak framed swimming pool house is certainly a mark of luxury, but have you thought that it could be just the thing to create that wow factor for your property? Here are a few useful things to know.

More than just a pool house

Apart from its obvious function, an oak framed swimming pool building can house a multitude of other useful amenities. Your imagination, and of course the planning consent, represent the only limit to your aspirations. A wider are on the side of the pool will give ample space for lounging or poolside entertainment. Incorporate bifold doors and a kitchenette to gain an inside-outside party space for summer days. A vaulted oak roof will not only look stunning, but also provide additional space for a mezzanine floor, which can be used as a gym or as occasional accommodation. If you are thinking of a pool side building for your outdoor swimming pool, you can incorporate a barbecue area or storage for your garden equipment.

Planning and building regulations

There are certain cases, in which an indoor swimming pool building can be built under permitted development, but there is a list of relevant conditions to satisfy and each case will be individual. It is always recommended to do your research on the planning portal, or speak with your local planning office to get a better idea of what will work in your case, before you begin. A good oak frame company will be able to then design an appropriate building and take you through the planning process. Indoor swimming pool buildings will always require building regulations approval; your design contractor will be able to advise you on the details.

To glaze or not to glaze

Imagine a pool house, connecting the indoors with the outdoors through fully glazed walls. But isn’t it the case that glazed oak frames leak? Contrary to popular belief, it is in fact perfectly possible to glaze an oak frame, without worrying about flooding. Using the latest technology of an encapsulated glazing system where the oak frame is enveloped in glazing, rather than infilled with glazed panels, oak framing companies can provide a leak-proof solution for letting the precious rays of sunshine in. Bifold doors can also be incorporated, so you can open multiple sides of your pool building and enjoy those hot summer days.

Engineering the perfect roof

Oak framed pool buildings tend to have wide roof spans and require specialists to design and engineer the perfect roof. For this reason, it may be challenging, although not impossible, to design a pool building to fit under the four-metre overall height to satisfy one of the permitted development requirements. It is not uncommon to have oak roof trusses spanning over ten metres wide, which will give you a vertiginously high, but enviable vaulted ceiling. Oak framing companies who specialise in this kind of design will be able to advise you on the best design for your project, depending on your individual circumstances.

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