27 May 2016

Energy saving refurbishment with Remmers iQ Therm System

So that the exterior facade of the existing property was not altered in any way, internal insulation was installed to the interior of the stone walls of the original house.

Due to the build up of condensation behind conventional insulation when applied to single leaf construction, it became apparent that a “breathable insulation system” would be required. Remmers IQ Therm was chosen as it has the highest level of insulation for given thickness of breathable systems.

The original U-value of the wall was approx 3.3W/m²K and was improved to 0.33W/m²K.

Remmers IQ Therm is a complete system of fixing/insulation and finishing available in 3 board thicknesses.

The renovation was followed on RTEs “Room to Improve” house renovation show with Architect Dermot Bannon.

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