11 Sep 2018

For all your heating and water needs

Building Solutions UK is extremely proud to present its highly prestigious Commitment to Excellence profile to H.D. Services Ltd.

Established in 1988 by Frank Harris, a Civil Engineer experienced in soil mechanics and well drilling, H.D Services was initially set up as a cable percussion drilling and sewage treatment installation company.

“H.D. Services Ltd offers a one stop shop for self-builders, developers and contractors providing sewerage solutions, water supplies, drainage solutions and heating options, specifically tailored to specific needs and suited to the geology of south east England,” commented Rebecca Taylor, Business Development & Compliance Manager at H.D Services.

“We work hard to ensure that the highest quality workmanship and service is delivered to our customers/clients and we take pride in our approach to our work.”

For many years, H.D. Services focused on the design, supply, installation and maintenance of bespoke sewage treatment systems and have worked for the National Trust, RSPB, various county and borough councils as well as hundreds of domestic clients and estates, complying with all relevant legislation and Environment Agency (EA) requirements.

These advanced Sewage Treatment Systems, the HD-SM, are designed bespoke to meet the needs of individual clients along with expert advice and servicing. More recently the company have become installers of the Klargester Bioficient range.

In 2009 the company expanded into renewable heating and now offer open-loop ground source heat pump (GSHP) system design, supply, installation and maintenance in addition to their existing services.

H.D. Services is one of a handful of companies in the UK who install dedicated open-loop ground source heat pumps for the domestic market, which are the most efficient ground source heat pump option. While closed-loop GSHP installations extract heat via an anti-freeze solution pumped through loop pipe to extract heat from the ground in which it is buried, open-loop GSHP installations utilise ground water as a heat source.

The innovative system will use the ground water and pump it directly into the heat pump unit where the heat is extracted. No chemicals are used in the ground. Some closed Loop GSHP’s can be converted to utilise water as a heat source; however as they are not specifically designed for this purpose, the efficiency of this unit will fall meaning that the overall system will be less efficient.

Rebecca explained: “We seek to provide knowledge on this type of system as it is regularly overlooked and is in the shadow of the closed-loop phenomenon. We strongly believe that the open-loop ground source heat pump systems we design and install are not only the most efficient way to heat your home in our operational area, but also do less damage to the aquifers than drilling for closed-loop borehole systems, as predominantly these use the rotary drilling method. We aim to provide the highest quality open-loop ground source heat pump service available in South East England.”

H.D. Services, undertakes all drilling works associated with all installations. Specialising in drilling the chalk aquifers, H.D. Services use only the cable-tool percussion drilling method, preferred by the EA when drilling into the chalk. Rebecca commented: “We aim to provide the highest quality, percussion-drilled water supply borehole service available in the South East.”

Based in Ashley Green, Bucks, the family run company’s operational area covers the entire of the South East, from Wiltshire to Suffolk and Isle of Wight up to Cambridgeshire. Their innovative services benefit a wide range of customers including self-builders, small developers/contractors, architects and small commercial projects. They also have experience of working on single domestic dwellings for small contractors and self-builders and on pub chains and churches.

H.D Services have been recognised for their exceptional products and services and have received regional awards at the South East Green Deal and ECO Awards 2015, the Energy Efficiency and Retrofit Awards in 2016, the Energy Efficiency and Health Homes Awards 2017 and the Energy Efficiency Awards 2018.

Focused on quality, the company are also members of the Ground Source Heat Pump Association (GSHPA), Renewable Energy Association (REA), Well Drillers Association (WDA) and British Geological Survey (BGS). They also subscribe to the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC).

When asked what the future holds for the company, Rebecca concluded: “Ultimately, we wish to develop our knowledge base and become involved with the provision of water treatment products, to enable us to provide complete independent potable water supplies where possible.”

“We are also considering becoming involved with underfloor heating to enable us to provide customers with full heating systems.”

“Our customers rely on our advice and flexibility to suit their individual requirements and we associate ourselves with like-minded suppliers. As a contractor committed to the highest service standards, H.D. Services is dedicated to completing contracts on time.

“With our experience in borehole construction, sewage treatment systems installation and maintenance and the installation of open-Loop Ground Source Heat Pumps, H.D. Services Ltd are able to provide a one-stop solution for the domestic market throughout the South-East England.”

enquiries@thehdgroup.co.uk     www.hdservicesltd.co.uk      www.hdgeothermal.co.uk     01494 792000

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