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05 Jun 2017

The benefits of bamboo flooring for your self-build

Traditional wood flooring is becoming slightly less popular among homeowners. Those looking to achieve a distinctive design in their self-build are beginning to explore alternatives that offer a variety of unique benefits. One that proves to be a progressively attractive option is bamboo flooring.

Prior to the last few years, bamboo flooring was very rarely used in homes in the United Kingdom. However, it is now an increasingly common type of flooring that offers an elegant, inviting and warm aesthetic adaptable to any room. Furthermore, the style is so simple that bamboo flooring is essentially timeless. It is not a flooring option that will look dated and need replacing over time – one of the reasons why it has becoming a sought-after choice.

Its timelessness is helped by the fact that bamboo is a naturally strong material. It is usually resilient against general wears, tears and stains. The likes of hardwood flooring, for example, pale in comparison to bamboo when it comes to water resistance. Bamboo, meanwhile, can last for up to 25 years. Even if it does become discoloured or marred, it is easy to sand the bamboo down and apply some finishing coats in order to bring back a healthy look.

People who are working on their self-build will inevitably be budget and time conscious. These are some of the main reasons why bamboo is such an attractive alternative to traditional wooden flooring. First of all, although it depends on the quality of bamboo sourced for the flooring – there is high-end and low-end bamboo flooring – it is generally affordable compared to many other types of wood. Secondly, it requires no more than one or two days to install for even the most amateur of self-builders. Professionals should have it fitted in no time at all.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of bamboo flooring, however, is that it is a wood that is incredibly environmentally friendly. Bamboo trees can replenish themselves when they are cut down and will do so very quickly. It is natural vegetation that grows to its full maturity in as little as three years. This makes bamboo a renewable source of wood, unlike many of the other options self-builders might consider for a home. Bamboo flooring is undeniably the best choice for those who are eco-conscious.

Flooring is an important part of any self-build. Ensuring you choose flooring that is affordable, durable and stylish allows you to complete a home that one can comfortably enjoy for many years and can resell if you wish in the future. Bamboo is an excellent option for all of these purposes, as well as an ethical choice for self-builders cautious about the environmental impact of the materials they are using.

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