11 Jun 2018

Water is a more precious resource than you may have thought in Britain. Although it appears we have an abundance due to our temperate, rainy climate, per capita London has less drinking water than Istanbul or Madrid. Past droughts and hosepipe bans have proved that Britain’s infrastructure simply cannot cope with our increasing population’s demand for water.

The Water Authorities realise that the current infrastructure will not provide the required demand in the future and have started to offer incentives in some areas for new build properties that install a Rainwater Harvesting System.

The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme ( WRAS ) is a conformance mark that demonstrates that an item complies with the high standards set by the Water Authorities. When choosing the right system for your project ensuring that the product is WRAS Approved is key to ensure that it has undergone rigorous testing and received approval by the Water Authorities.

The water collected from the roof can be used for toilets, the washing machine and anything within the garden i.e irrigation and car washing.

By using a rainwater harvesting system you will:

• Typically half your domestic water consumption, saving over 100,000L per year for a family.
• Save 50% on your metered water bills.
• Make your home more environmentally friendly, using rainwater rather than using mains water that has gone through an energy intensive filtration process, and pumped from miles away just to flush your toilet or water your lawn.
• Increase your chances of receiving planning permission (as environmentally friendly plans are looked upon favourably.)
• Protect your garden in a hosepipe ban. (As harvested water is exempt.)
• Benefit from non chlorinated, lime scale free rainwater. Helping plants grow, preventing toilet pan stains and protecting washing machines, whilst reducing the amounts of detergents needed.
• Prevent flooding. Rainwater harvesting acts as storm attenuation or SUDS. Alleviating stress on public drains.
• Benefit from surprisingly low running costs. Our award winning Rain Director® system is so efficient it costs less than 1p per person per day to run.
• Have minimal maintenance, typically just one visual filter check per year is necessary. Nothing needs replacing, nothing requires servicing.

At RainWater Harvesting Ltd, we are proud to be one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of rainwater harvesting equipment.

During the last decade, our name has become synonymous within the industry for high quality, technologically advanced, British made products. Our products have always differentiated themselves within the industry, with intelligent design and high quality manufacture. Because we engineer an original concept, develop it through CAD, tooling, build and take the end product to market, nobody understands our products better than we do.

Our advancements such as the Rain Director® and easy to install shallow dig tanks have made rainwater harvesting a better idea than ever. Making systems easier and more cost effective to install, the smarter and vastly more energy efficient to use.

Systems are provided as full ‘turn key’ kits, ready to install, delivered to your site with no hassles or unexpected extras. By holding all products ex-stock in our 60,000 sq ft premises, delivery is typically achieved within 3-5 days.

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