12 Mar 2019

Comfort, warmth and energy efficiency for your selfbuild

Green Building Store has been supplying low energy projects since 1995 across the UK and can provide the technical knowledge, support and high performance products to help you achieve your selfbuild project.

Triple glazed timber & alu-clad windows & doors

High performance timber and alu-clad windows and doors from the triple glazing experts, combined with dedicated personal service.

Triple glazing is affordable, energy efficient and adds greatly to the comfort of your home by eliminating cold spots and draughts near windows. We offer triple glazing as standard.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose windows and doors from Green Building Store:

• Timber and alu-clad frame options
• Competitive prices
• Friendly non-pushy technical sales team
• Passivhaus and low energy expertise
• 20+ years’ experience of supplying high performance timber windows & doors
• Personal service and aftersales care
• 10 year warranties on our in-house windows & doors, including paint finish
• Wide range of options for all budgets and requirements

MVHR heat recovery ventilation

The best MVHR system ..is the one you don’t know is there. Green Building Store is nationally recognised for its expertise in designing, supplying and commissioning MVHR systems for Passivhaus and low energy homes. Our design service is qualitatively different to most other MVHR providers. As well as designing a system to physically fit in a building, we model the system in 3D software to guarantee performance of the system in terms of noise (making it effectively inadible), pressure, balance and airflows.

Free talks, technical briefings, films and webinars

Green Building Store has a huge range of free information for selfbuilders on its website, from how to build a Passivhaus to getting the best value from windows and doors. And if you want more in-depth support, our cost-effective consultancy service can help.

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