08 Sep 2017

New version of Schueco’s panoramic sliding door is launched

In recent years, Schueco’s focus has been on designing highly insulated glazed systems where the framing becomes ever more minimal, allowing the area of uninterrupted glass to become proportionately larger and thus visually more impressive.

An obvious example of this dynamic can be seen in the case of sliding door systems. These are typically used at the rear of a property to bring light into the heart of the house and to provide easy access into a garden or onto a patio.

Not long ago, however, the dimensions of any sliding door system were limited by the materials used in its construction, with factors such as glass weights and structural tolerances effectively dictating a maximum size.

But ‘panoramic doors’ – like those featured in Schueco’s ASS 77 PD sliding door range that can span openings up to 3.2 metres wide and 3.5 metres high – sweep away such constraints, giving homeowners more choice and architects a new level of design freedom.

Recognising this trend, Schueco UK is introducing a new, updated version of its manually operated panoramic sliding door system, the ASS 77 PD.HI.

Significant innovations include an integrated, full-height handle that improves the appearance of the door and makes it easier to open and close. Schueco has also introduced an optimised locking concept that utilises spring-loaded mushroom heads.

In addition, there are some new designs, in particular a 90o all-glass corner and new bi-parting four-pane versions with two sliding leaves and two fixed or four sliding leaves.

Installing the Schueco ASS 77 PD.HI system is now also much simpler thanks to a reduced outer-frame installation height of 58 mm and a new ability to fit the frame into buildings with minimal installation space at the side.

And to assist with installation, new adjustment devices allow the outer frame to be adjusted without removal of the glass panels. This is of particular benefit when there may be subsequent ceiling deflection.


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