Peter Bell, Conservation Advisor for The Listed Property Owners Club, offers some guiding principles to owners of listed properties who are looking to undertake repairs or alterations to their home.

The past couple of years have been hugely significant in making self build a real, viable housing option for all, boosted greatly by the Government's continued support. Here, Raymond Connor, Chief Executive at BuildStore & Custom Build Homes, looks back on the year and at what lies ahead for those…

With low interest rates potentially increasing by the turn of the year, Rachel Pyne - BuildStore's Group Sales Director – provides essential tips on managing your finances.

29 Sep 2015
Custom build – you may have heard of the phrase but do you really know what it is and how it can help you to achieve your dream home? Here Raymond Connor of BuildStore’s Custom Build Homes provides a useful insight.

In response to your self-build mortgage queries, Buildstore's Group Sales Director, Rachel Pyne, shares and answers the most frequently asked questions put forward to their specialist finance advisors.

28 Jul 2015
Rachel Pyne, Group Sales Director at self-build finance expert BuildStore, offers advice on how to ensure your finances last the duration of your project.

03 Jul 2015
Raymond Conner, Chief Executive of BuildStore Ltd, discusses why the Government’s ‘Right to Build’ is another appealing initiative for potential self-builders.

Tips from the experts are always useful when embarking upon a self-build, especially when it comes to the subject of finance. Utilising BuildStore’s wealth of expertise, Group Sales Director Rachel Pyne offers some advice on this topic.

Completing your build not only brings an element of satisfaction and achievement but it also signifies a new chapter in your financial obligations. Here, Rachel Pyne, Group Sales Director of BuildStore Ltd provides advice on what to do next.

01 Apr 2015
As a self-builder you will be investing significant time and money into building your dream home, and no matter how well you plan, things can and do go wrong. Here, Rachel Pyne, Group Sales Director of BuildStore Ltd explains why insurance and warranties are a necessity, not a luxury.

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