04 Feb 2019

Air conditioners for the home

Fixed air conditioners have become common in many homes in the UK. They keep you comfortable throughout the day and can significantly aid sleeping at night through hot spells. The energy savings are thought so important that the Government has now introduced a scheme where it charges 5% VAT instead of the usual 20% on other electrical products.


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When selecting a home air conditioning unit there are many factors to take into consideration. The number of rooms, dimensions, layout and aesthetics are all important; as well as the cost implications. Manufacturers have worked hard to create a wide array of models and systems that look very aesthetically pleasing in the home, and some units can seem virtually invisible in a room.

Wall-mounted air conditioners

Wall-mounted air conditioners are probably the most common units used in a residential environment. The two main advantages are that wall units are always the cheapest option to install and they are also easy to retrofit in rooms without the need for building works or redecoration. They are long, thin and placed at a high level on the wall.

Like all the models designed for homes, they are also exceptionally quiet. You should avoid air conditioning models over 8kW in power as they are primarily intended for commercial applications and can be noisy.

A single wall unit will usually be able to cool most rooms; however, larger rooms sometimes need an additional unit. There are also premium models of wall-mounted home air conditioning units. They are a little more expensive; however, they are superb looking units.

Ducted units for homes

Ducted air conditioning systems are the most expensive choice, but they are certainly the most aesthetically pleasing solution. Ducted home air conditioning systems can be used to cool multiple rooms, however, the downside is that you cannot have individual room control (unless you have multiple ducted systems). The ductwork and cooling unit(s) are hidden within a false ceiling or loft space, so all that you see is a small neat grille in the ceiling.

There are various grille designs available which suit different shaped and sized rooms, so you’ll easily achieve the exact look you’re after.

Please note that these are best fitted as part of a building project as they require a ceiling void to house both the ducting and the air conditioning unit itself.

Low wall-mounted air conditioners

Low wall-mounted air conditioners are often used in conservatories and loft conversions because they are ideal for ‘dwarf-walls’, however, they are suitable for any room in the home.

They are very similar to wall-mounted units, however, they are placed at a low level on the wall. They are more expensive than traditional wall-mounted home air conditioning units, but customers sometimes prefer them because, as with radiators, they are placed out of their line of sight.

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