06 Aug 2018

Explore your paving options for a stunning garden patio or driveway

With the British summer this year proving to be more glorious than we could have ever hoped for, many people are now turning attentions to their gardens and outdoor living spaces. Our homes are a place we invite our family and friends to share and so it is important to update and take care of it, including your patio and driveway.


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Here Malcolm Gough, Group Sales and Marketing Director of Talasey Group, looks at the on-trend materials, colours and effects that can be used to bring your outdoor living space to life.

Shades of grey

We have found that patios are now moving away from natural, warm tones in favour of a monotone look and feel. Natural greys are still extremely popular, with tones varying from light to dark, but this year has also seen a real increase in customers requesting shades from pearlescent white, silver, deep classic blue and blacks. These colours help to create a modern and contemporary outdoor living space. If you’re looking for that natural ‘wow factor’ then opt for a flagstone that is available in a linear format, designed to create sleek, clean lines and a feeling of length. It is also a great idea to mix different products together in order to reflect the variety of textures and colour within your garden for a seamless, natural finish, adding harmony between the foliage and your patio area.

Wooden-effect paving

While showcasing our products at multiple RHS Flower Shows this year, we recognised a real increase in wood-effect porcelain paving.

Most people love the cosy and natural feel of wood but in reality, having wooden floors, especially outdoors, is not practical. Wood can become easily damaged and is not durable enough to withstand a long-term life outdoors. This is why wooden-effect porcelain is soaring in popularity, allowing homeowners to create a sophisticated wood-like design by using a resilient, hard-wearing material, which is suitable for outdoor living.

Decorative textures

In the past, homeowners have opted for smooth driveways made out of concrete or tarmac. However, this year will see texture coming to the forefront of driveway design, with the likes of clay pavers. Cobblestones, natural pavers, interlocking stone and customised bricks help to create edges and channels to add a natural textural element to your driveway or patio. We find that embracing creative products such as textured clay paving helps to create a rustic and authentic flair to your outdoor living space. Choose rectangular formats to create a brick effect or herringbone style. Alternatively, choose a square shape ideal for creating edgings and channels within paved areas. Asymmetrical design and mixing rounded shapes with linear lines can transform your driveway or patio into a real statement design piece.

Durable, weather- resistant material

As well as thinking about the aesthetics of creating a beautiful and visually appealing outdoor living space, it is also important to consider the practicalities of the materials. During my time as a landscaping expert on the BMBI Panel, we have found that the newest growing landscaping market is resin-bound aggregates used specifically for driveway construction. Resin-bound aggregates provide a low-maintenance surface that is hard-wearing whilst also being flexible and resistant to cracking. When planning your new driveway, it is essential to consider materials that will withstand heavy vehicular traffic.

Good design combines form and function so always opt for a durable, weather-resistant material such as a low-maintenance porcelain paving when thinking about outdoor products to ensure your patio is beautiful and practical. Maintenance can also be greatly reduced if you use the right sealant to protect your product from future staining and invest in a specialist cleaner to tackle different types of stains.

Not all these trends may suit your patio or driveway, but hopefully Talasey Group have given you some great inspiration and ideas for transforming your outdoor space.

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