11 Jun 2019

Top 5 electrical appliances for the kitchen

Kitchen renovations are never a straight forward process and require meticulous planning. When thinking about which appliances to purchase, it’s important to consider what would be best suited to your kitchen design and the space available. These appliances will be used every day so it’s vital that they work on both a practical and aesthetic level. Here, online retailer ao.com unveils the top 5 must-have purchases for this hub of the home.


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1. Washing Machines

Traditionally, most UK houses have been built for washing machines to live in the kitchen, but with the recent debate over where to have the washing machine at home this has been brought to people’s attention.

You will need to think about whether to choose an integrated or freestanding model, or if you need a quieter model for an open-plan layout. With a variety of drum capacities on offer, carefully consider what size washing machine is right for your space and lifestyle, with 10-13kg being a great choice for families and 7-9kg more suited to medium-sized households.

You should also consider what spin speed to opt for as some clothes benefit from being spun faster, such as towels, whereas you will want to turn the speed down to wash delicate clothing. Most washing machines now have a wide variety of wash programmes and some models even have built-in Wi-Fi, so you can control these smart washing machines when you’re out and about.

2. Fridges

Working around the clock, fridges are essential for keeping the weekly shop cool and food fresh. With a wide variety of integrated and freestanding fridges to pick from, it’s important to consider what space is available and how much food you need to store.

Fridges that fit under the counter and larder fridges can store large amounts of food, ideal for busy households.

Fridges now come with lots of features including water dispensers, wine coolers and the latest frost-free technology, you’ll be spoilt for choice. There’s also plenty of colours and materials to help match your appliance to the colour scheme of your kitchen to create a stylish look.

3. Ovens

There are a lot of decisions to make when considering which oven to buy, from single, double, steam, built in or freestanding – it can be overwhelming! It’s important to think about the oven size, capacity and any specific features they have.

Single ovens are perfect for smaller spaces, while double ovens are multifunctional and built-in ovens can be installed at eye height, making it easier to keep an eye on what’s cooking. Most ovens offer many functions to make preparing meals nice and easy. Fan ovens distribute heat across the whole cavity, cooking food evenly and consistently, while steam ovens lock in nutrients and flavours, perfect for cooking delicious and healthy meals.

4. Cooker Hoods

Cooker hoods are a kitchen must-have for getting rid of air, steam and cooking smells, which is especially important if you have an open plan layout. Extraction hoods, which are mounted to an external wall, filter the air by sending it outside.

If you can’t vent your cooker hood externally, you should go for a recirculating hood which can be installed anywhere in your kitchen. The extraction rate is also important to consider, as larger kitchens will require a higher extraction rate to ensure the air is changed quickly.

5. Kettle and Toaster Sets

It’s also important to not forget about those smaller appliances – toasters and kettles are the key players in the morning breakfast routine. As they are out on display all the time, it’s worth investing in a matching set then you can easily complement the colour scheme of your kitchen.

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