23 Sep 2019

Adding the finishing touches

Choosing the right ironmongery can help turn your house into home. However, with so much choice available it’s often difficult to know where to start. David Saxby, Senior Category Manager at IronmongeryDirect, offers tips and guidance on some of the best products to add a stylish touch to your property.


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First impressions count. So, when it comes to your home, the front facade of your property needs to look the part and arguably, the most important element of this is the front door.

Most front doors have a surprisingly wide range of fittings; everything from door knockers and letter plates, to handles, door numbers, bell pushes and lock pulls amongst other items. It’s therefore important to achieve a harmonised look and feel by selecting door furniture that works well together and in a style that complements the character of your house.

For those seeking to achieve a period feel, fittings in a pewter finish can add an authentic and exquisite touch to any property. The Olde Forge range is a great option, handmade from steel it has a wide selection of products available for both interior and exterior doors. Selecting the Olde Forge Cottage Slimline Lever Handle for a main entrance would be an ideal choice, providing both style and security. For homeowners that are looking to create a grander impression, an impressive ring door knocker can be fitted which would complement the overall appeal further.

For interior doors, the Olde Forge Avon Lever handle complements any room by combining a timeless classic with a contemporary twist.

Don’t overlook windows

In addition to boosting kerb appeal with your front door, there is also a huge variety of window furniture available which can add character to your property whilst also deterring would-be burglars.

To secure your windows when closed, a fastener is highly recommended. The Hampstead Solid Curl Hook & Plate Window Fastener comes in soft antique bronze which possesses a more classic feel but is still ideal for both traditional and contemporary interiors. Featuring a decorative solid swirl, this fitting is ideal as an alternative to the standard stay and fastener designs.

For casement windows, a stay is required to secure the window when closed as well as enabling the window to be held in a semi-open position. These come in a range of finishes and can be positioned on the bottom of the window or the window frame.

Get the look

Within the home, cabinet furniture in kitchens, bedrooms or living areas is often the last thing to be considered. However, it can make a huge difference to overall room design.

For a fresh twist in a modern space, consider choosing on-trend copper or bronze handles and knobs. These can really stand-out, especially against a neutral background, and add a warm glow to any space.

Copper and bronze can also be contrasted with other metals to create a more luxe feel. As warm toned metals, they can be complemented with chrome or steel which have a cooler hue. The Altro Hollow Square Cabinet Handle in stainless steel is a particularly good choice for high humidity areas such as kitchen and bathrooms, as it is resistant to oxidisation and corrosion.

As with choosing any ironmongery for your home, outstanding quality should be of the utmost importance. Hardware can be subject to considerable wear and tear so buyers should look for a minimum five-year warranty.

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