06 Oct 2015

Renewable technology at core of the OMNIE collection

Despite the Government’s carbon reduction agenda and the availability of the RHI payments, heat pumps remain a relatively nascent technology in the UK market, meaning customers should seek to purchase properly integrated systems from manufacturers with a proven track record.

The Omnie collection by Timóleon brings together just such an offering, which includes high performance air to water heat pumps as well as a compatible selection of underfloor heating systems and fully compatible control options. The recently published Omnie brochure - sub-titled “Making a Home Whole” – includes detailed information on the LWD air source heat pumps which are produced by the hugely respected German manufacturer, Alpha-InnoTec. The 6 to 9 kW LWD models have been developed to offer high efficiency and very quiet operation as well as a long low maintenance working life. The LWD is intended to be located close to a property while the internal module contains the hydraulic unit with the expansion vessel, back up heater and circulator. If the predicted load demands the installation of two heat pumps, the internal HMD hydraulic unit will provide the necessary control functions for the cascade arrangement.

The heat pumps, which are charged with the environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant, require a standard single phase power supply and can operate at flow temperatures of up to 70 degrees centigrade. They are also quiet running with a recorded noise level of 47 dB at one metre distance, while they have been designed for ease of installation. Not only are there a minimal number of wiring connections, but the range includes a compact wall duct kit featuring a 125 mm diameter pipe containing the CU and condensate pipes. This can facilitate both wall and floor mounting.

The Omnie range also features an LW ‘monobloc’ model that is designed to be located away from the building. Almost as quiet as the LWD alternative, the 12 to 35 kW LW heat pumps produce a noise level of 51 dB at one metre distance. Not all air source heat pumps are suitable for use in the UK’s moist temperate climate, either in respect of their performance or their durability, but the LWD heat pumps under the Omnie brand are corrosion protected and designed to both generate high COPs (Coefficients of Performance) at lower temperatures, and to minimize defrost cycles when the weather is freezing. Timóleon can provide a full design, specification and installation service through a nationwide network of contractors, all fully trained by the company. A Timoleon engineer will visit site to start up and commissioning each heat pump.

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