Time-saving and flexibility have become imperative in today’s busy lifestyles. WeberHaus is a pioneer in pre-fabricated connected homes, and has the smart home solutions to make your home living as comfortable and relaxed as possible.…
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With a self-build there is so much to think about. Furniture and accessories may be the final consideration, but it is worth taking the time to think, research and plan the big budget rooms at…
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A new wire-free home automation and monitoring system can now transform any house or apartment into an intelligent home. Ingeny@home brings together domestic electrical systems and devices to help effectively manage and check lighting, heating,…
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Over her last eleven collections Vanessa Arbuthnott has gained a much-deserved reputation for creating fresh and invigorating designs that bear her own very distinctive handwriting. A statement in their own right, the designs have been…
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The Harlequin Studio has produced Artisan Embroideries, an enchanting and stylish collection that is the embodiment of homespun chic. Combining traditional techniques with modern sophisticated design, this delightful drapery collection comprises six highly individual designs,…
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For 2014, British brand Scion has pulled out all the stops, producing two very diverse, trend-inspired collections of printed fabrics, complemented by funky statement wallpapers and contemporary weaves. Spirit is a collection of modern tribal…
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