06 Oct 2015

OMNIE from Timóleon offers total controllability

A key consideration in achieving genuine energy efficiency and fuel savings from high performance renewable technologies is having the correct controls: which is why Timóleon's holistic OMNIE range encompasses a comprehensive selection of control units.

The company's recently launched offering to the building services sector brings together heat pumps, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR), surface cooling and its renowned range of underfloor heating systems; all optimized by utilizing state-of-the-art controls.

The entry level sees programmable room thermostats as well as simple Dial thermostats (the latter requiring the use of a separate programmer), which are intended to be used solely with underfloor heating. Both are flush mounted and modern in appearance. Then, viewed as the logical choice for consumers seeking to cut bills and enhance comfort levels, OMNIE achieves its true potential through the use of Network controls. These are configured around the OMNIE Control Hub: a stylish all-in-one interface with touch screen that is available with four different frame options.

The Hub can be used to control heating, hot water, ventilation and cooling. It is linked via a wiring centre to slim-line, room temperature and humidity sensors to give very accurate temperature regulation. Further accessibility is provided by the availability of an OMNIE smartphone app, which will allow users to control their room temperatures from anywhere in the world.

Overall the OMNIE control options will enable building occupants to operate their heat pumps and other appliances or services in a sophisticated yet straightforward manner, which will maximize both fuel efficiency and the enjoyment of their internal environment.

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