30 Apr 2014

NIBE Keeps Homes Healthy with Heat Recovery Ventilation Launch

Leading domestic heating manufacturer NIBE has launched a set of brand new heat recovery ventilation units, designed to provide a comfortable, healthy environment in well-insulated new build homes.

The NIBE 250 and 400 heat recovery units use a unique air circulation system to provide a vital supply of fresh, clean air to meet air quality requirements in new build homes – all without compromising enhanced heat loss protection levels. Working to 96% efficiency, the units also use an advanced heat exchange process to ensure that incoming air from outside is kept at a consistently comfortable, stable temperature.

Phil Hurley, managing director at NIBE, says: “With revisions to Part L stipulating that new builds become increasingly air tight, providing effective ventilation is becoming more and more important for a healthy building and residents. Our two new heat recovery ventilation units ensure that a building’s fresh air requirements are effectively met whilst still maintaining maximum levels of comfort and efficiency. They also prevent the build-up of moisture and issues like damp and mould.

“What’s more, unlike other units on the market, by recovering up to 96% of the energy present in a property’s air, the NIBE 250 and 400 units help meet the Code for Sustainable Homes requirements – a must as we move towards the 2016 Zero Carbon Homes target. They are also Passive House certified, providing an integral fresh air supply for truly air tight zero carbon properties, with no impact on heat loss.”

The units work by using a system of air supply and extraction fans positioned throughout the property to distribute fresh air from outside. They incorporate forward-curved energy-saving fans designed for optimum system efficiency, and use a counter-flow heat exchanger to bring external air up to the desired indoor temperature. An intelligent control system makes for straightforward operation by end-users, with a visual display panel for simple programming.

The NIBE 250 heat recovery unit is designed for use in small homes of up to 180m², whilst the NIBE 400 model is better suited to properties up to 380m². As well as meeting Code for Sustainable Homes criteria, the units are also listed under SAP Appendix Q.

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