When to use IP44 lights in a bathroom?

Finding the right light fittings to use in your bathroom can be a tricky matter, especially if your electrician or...

The smart and efficient way to heat your home

The glow of a real woodburner and the soaring flames of a gas stove are ever popular, but owning one...

Do you need planning permission for adding an extension to your home?

Many people dream of increasing the size of their property, but do you need...

Flood resistance vs flood resilience

Flood resistance and flood resilience measures are both important aspects of protecting your property against flooding, but...

Garage door guide

Your garage door probably isn’t at the forefront of your mind when designing your self-build but it can make a significant...

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This month, Stephen Malkin, Associate at Whiting & Partners, discusses your financing options when building your dream home.
The cost of refurbishing a property or constructing a new build can be significant. However, tax relief is often available for certain expenditure on non-residential property.The term ‘non-residential property’ includes furnished holiday lets and staff accommodation. Here, Jodie Tarbin of Whiting & Partners explains more.
A Gloucestershire couple are thrilled to have their family living with them after converting their four-bedroom home into a 12-bedroom property after remortgaging.
Those who buy below market value and improve properties to remortgage and recycle their cash are struggling to make the sums add up now that there’s a hefty 3% stamp duty land tax (SDLT) surcharge to pay. Have you considered the ways of saving on SDLT? Here, Philip Peters at Whiting & Partners explains more.

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