Perfect plot meets the needs of the whole family

Although Etienne Patterson and his wife Katie had always harboured the ambition to build their own house, the trigger for doing so was his parents’ future...

Welsh Oak Frame helps turn couple’s dreams into a reality

When a 1970s bungalow with two acres of land came up for sale in the picturesque...

i-build explores the practical considerations for your staircase

Your staircase can be a statement feature of your home, so it’s worth taking time over...

Turnkey wood frame construction provides perfect family home

The Bennetts from London had selected Cambridgeshire as the location for their dream...

Enhance your outdoor space with a decking area

Whether you have a large country garden, small town garden or compact terrace, you'll want to make the most of your outdoor space this summer...

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Darren Lester, Founder of SpecifiedBy, the product specification search platform used by builders, contractors and architects, discusses the role of the project manager and questions who is best equipped to take on the job.
BuildStore’s Raymond Connor looks at the lending options for self-build mortgages, including arrears and advance stage payment options.
Andrew Reardon, Senior Selfbuild Account Handler at self-build insurance policy expert ProAktive Selfbuild, discusses when and why you might want to consider non-negligence cover.
Andrew Reardon, Senior Self-build Account Handler at self-build insurance policy expert ProAktive Selfbuild, dicusses the implications of signing JCT clause 5.4B.

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