Prefabricated build ticks all the boxes

Living in Dublin, John and Jodie McAllister wanted to create their dream home in the city they loved making their idea of urban living in their own uniquely-designed home...

Charlie Luxton offers some top tips for self-builders

Charlie Luxton first opened his eyes to the world of architecture at the age of 13. After contemplating a career in sculpting, architecture took over and Charlie took off...

Guidance and inspiration for when you come to specify your self-build’s masonry

A property is very much a legacy and many of us are just custodians, but the...

Hints and tips for looking after your roof windows

As a nation, we spend as much as 90% of our time indoors and as a result, the quality of air in our homes and the health of our indoor climate is becoming increasingly...

Sue Eakers unveils the design decisions behind her eco-friendly house

Sue Eakers had always wanted to build her own home. After fruitless years plot...

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David Brown, Managing Director at Folk2Folk, a peer-to-peer lending company, explains how peer-to-peer finance is supporting property developers.
The complexities of insurance can be intimidating for many in the construction industry and it is easy to see why. In this article, Steve Mansour, Group CEO of construction insurance specialist CRL, explains the ins and outs of structural defects insurance for house-building projects.
Often when we talk about the cover and premiums involved in self-build insurance we are asked why it’s more expensive than your everyday household insurance. Although these insurances are similar in what they do, they are very different. Andrew Reardon of ProAktive SelfBuild explains more.
Darren Lester, Founder of SpecifiedBy, the product specification search platform used by builders, contractors and architects, discusses the role of the project manager and questions who is best equipped to take on the job.

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