07 Mar 2016

Sensible sanitaryware selections


With a wide variety of sanitaryware designs available on the market you may be finding it difficult to select the right scheme for your new bathroom. Here Helen Shaw, Marketing Manager at Roper Rhodes, sheds light on sanitaryware options, durable materials and ways to save space for your self-build bathroom scheme.


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People are increasingly looking for bathroom products that will stand the test of time, and are investing in sanitaryware that offers longevity and luxury. Investing and buying good quality sanitaryware products makes economical sense. They are a pleasure to use and will last a lot longer than cheaper alternatives. Good design is all about using materials that are fit for purpose, and sanitaryware that is manufactured using only the finest raw materials, including English china clay, are durable and will stand the test of time.

When it comes to selecting your sanitaryware, think carefully about how you want your new bathroom to look. For example, do you want a super sleek, contemporary room? Or something slightly more traditional? There are a wide range of styles and sizes of beautiful basins and WCs available that can help you achieve just the right look, so make sure that you look at all the ranges on offer so you can make an informed choice – where possible go and see the sanitaryware in the flesh so you can really see the quality first-hand.

The size of your bathroom will play a big part in the layout, and choosing sanitaryware that makes the most of your space is key. Many bathrooms and en-suites within new build homes can be short on space, which makes small bathroom solutions a necessity for many people.

Basins featuring a full pedestal, which hide unsightly pipework from view, have been an incredibly popular design choice in the UK for many years, and there are now a variety of contemporary, as well as traditional, designs available. However Roper Rhodes has seen an increase in demand for wall-hung sanitaryware as more people become aware of its practical and aesthetic benefits. Not only does it look chic and contemporary, but it is particularly well suited to the UK’s typically small bathrooms as it frees up valuable floor space and makes the room seem much more spacious.

The perfect solution for those looking to introduce a touch of designer and European flair to their bathroom, wall-hung WCs, which are fitted with a support frame and conceal all the plumbing neatly from sight, can help you replicate the look and feel of a design-led hotel bathroom while also being easier to clean. Similarly, wall-hung basins come in a variety of sizes and can be installed with a semi-pedestal or a chrome bottle trap to conceal the pipework.

There are practical benefits to wall-hung sanitaryware too, as it can also be positioned on the wall to suit individual requirements, making it particularly appealing to those who are looking to future-proof their bathroom and make it more accessible to people of all ages and mobility levels. Comfort height WCs, which were initially introduced to cater for the aging population and make it easier for elderly people to use, have also proved beneficial as the average height and weight of the UK population continues to increase.

Where smaller bathrooms prevail, short-projection WCs continue to be a popular choice, even more so if you go for a back-to-wall option with a concealed cistern, which is a great solution for en-suites. Back-to-wall WCs, which hide all the pipework neatly from view behind a stud wall or within a back-to-wall fitted furniture unit, are great for those looking to create a contemporary, streamlined space.

Close-coupled designs, which feature the cistern on the back of the toilet pan, are popular with many people, as they are affordable and relatively easy to install. Water reducing flush technology is now expected to prevail in the UK, especially with an increasing number of consumers paying more attention to their household water consumption. To meet this demand, close-coupled WC models with a 4.5/3l dual flush capacity are increasingly becoming a popular choice of sanitaryware.

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