24 May 2016

Uncovering the latest shower enclosure trends for 2016


Whether you’re designing your bathroom from scratch or renovating an existing space, here Matki’s Managing Director, Nicholas Cunild, uncovers the latest shower enclosure trends for 2016.


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Bathroom design has changed dramatically over the years. Shapes, finishes, colours and textures drift in and out of fashion and the number of products on offer from a variety of national and global suppliers has ballooned.

The importance of the bathroom in the house is growing. People are apportioning relatively more space to the bathroom than they did in the past and are investing more in its contents with a mind to enjoying it as a relaxing space as well as to building value in their homes. Current trends that we have noticed are as follows:

Curves ahead

There is a resurgence of curved styling in the bathroom. The stark, angular lines of recent years have mellowed to a friendlier, softer look echoed across various elements of bathroom furniture. Curved shower enclosures have always been popular but are now beginning to assert themselves more strongly at the luxury end of the market. When elegantly designed, with minimal and highly polished framing, they can look superb in the bathroom and are a neat and effective use of space.

Spa statements

With larger spaces to work with, walk-in showering configurations are ideal for a luxurious spa and boutique environment. Wetrooms have been extremely popular and give a wonderfully spacious, open feel to a bathroom. However, for those wanting to keep some areas of the bathroom dry but still achieve a Wetroom feel, using a walk-in shower enclosure with an integrated tray fitted flush with the floor tiles is perfect for the best of both worlds.

Products such as the glamorous Boutique Walk-In offers a luxurious sense of space. This particular product is available in sizes of 1200, 1500 and 1700mm with a height of 2056mm, made from 8 and 10mm solid safety glass with chrome plated details.

Go bespoke

Customisation has been a key development of recent years in a number of industries and the bathroom industry is no different. Bespoke shower enclosures in a myriad of sizes, shapes and finishes allow people more control in aligning that area of the bathroom to their own preferences. Whether it be angled glass for a loft conversion with sloping ceilings, a cut side panel over a dwarf wall or outsize enclosure to create a real wow factor, bespoke enclosures can be tailor-made to requirements and are increasingly popular.

Practicality should never stand in the way of true beauty and luxury in the bathroom. The impressive Eau Zone Plus Ultra Bespoke option shows the frames cleverly recessed into the wall to provide a seamless, totally frameless appearance.

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