06 Apr 2016

Four key resources for self-builders

Approximately 13,000 people across the UK complete their own self-build home every year and despite a common misconception, following the custom or self-build option is not just for those with grand designs and grand budgets to match. Here, Oliver Grimshaw, Head of UK Sales at Hanse Haus GmbH, outlines helpful resources for your self-build plans.

Diving into a world of construction may not sound like the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning, but putting in some hours researching the endless options will give you a far better chance of sourcing the best plot, budgeting efficiently and preparing for all eventualities along the way.

Self-Build Portal

If you’re looking for a resource that covers numerous bases, the Self-Build Portal is the place. Whether you’re in the early stages of your self-build journey, or further down the line and nearing completion, the website is a font of all knowledge relating to custom and self-build.

Page turners

Magazines can be an immensely helpful research tool for those embarking on their own custom and self-build project. Acting as an encyclopaedia of information and presenting the innumerable possibilities and services available, magazines bring together useful ‘how to’ guides, advice and home-building experiences. First-hand accounts from completed projects act not only as inspiration, but also share real and tangible advice, weighing up the highs and lows common when pursuing the custom build dream.

Do the sums

Before starting your self-build project, having a budget and a clear idea of the real costs involved is a savvy way to ensure there are no surprises. Many online self-build cost calculators are free to use and offer a useful breakdown of costs based on property size, location, type and additional features.


Purchasing a plot and gaining planning permission are the first key elements for any self-builder. When it comes to planning, there are also a number of online resources available, including ways to simply access Government planning guidelines and online building regulations resources for England and Wales.

The Planning Portal is the first port of call for anyone wanting to find out about the planning system in England and Wales. This online portal is a one-stop-shop supplying information, access to services and information for those directly involved in the planning process.

It’s well worth spending the time investigating the numerous resources available to aspiring self-builders. The more knowledge you can have going into the process, the better the chances that the overall experience will end up being.

Oliver Grimshaw, Head of UK Sales, Hanse Haus GmbH

Oliver Grimshaw is the Head of UK Sales for premium German supplier of pre-manufactured, high-efficiency homes. Founded back in 1929, Hanse Haus now erects some 400 homes annually Europe-wide and has been active in the UK since 2006.

With over 85 years’ experience in the construction industry and boasting more than 30,000 completed homes, the company is also a certified builder of the remarkable Passivhaus; a home that loses almost no heat through its walls, roof and windows, thanks to extremely high levels of thermal insulation.

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