01 Dec 2015

Snickers' new 'next generation workwear' product and price catalogue

Snickers’ newest Product and Price Catalogue has full details of the new ‘Next Generation’ range of working clothes.

There’s also loads of other information on all the other garments and accessories you can get for working effectively in the coming autumn and winter months wherever you are on site – and whatever trade you’re in.

You’ll find quality, innovation and top class functionality in every garment – Trousers, Winter Jackets, Toolvests, Gloves, Jumpers and Fleeces - the sign of a brand that knows what it takes to get the job done properly. So get to know the cutting-edge ‘Next Generation’ range from Snickers Workwear. In every stitch, it’s miles better.

[email protected]     www.snickersworkwear.co.uk      01484 854788

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