21 Dec 2015

Timber-framed, sustainable and energy efficient homes from WeberHaus

When you walk around your new family house with the stairs in, roof tiles on and walls with plumbing already installed - and it only took a few days, it seems incredible. But that’s how it works with WeberHaus!

With 55 years of experience and over 34,000 homes built, WeberHaus provide timber-framed, sustainable and energy efficient homes; combining German precision engineering and innovative technology with quality materials and traditional craftsmanship. All houses in the UK are individually designed according to your plot & specification and they offer a shell format or a fully project managed turnkey solution.

Produced in their state-of-the-art factory, these houses are precision engineered down to the last millimetre, an accuracy that can only consistently be achieved using the off-site manufacturing process and latest hi- tech machinery.

With the house manufactured, it is brought to site by truck and the whole construction process is dramatically faster and smoother than other construction methods. The result; fewer tradesmen needed on site and less disruption to all concerned. Additionally, the building has not been exposed to months of poor English weather and snagging is virtually eliminated.

With such precision, WeberHaus achieve excellent levels of airtightness and thermal efficiency, far exceeding current building regulations and to complement this, each property comes with a whole house HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation) system to provide fresh filtered air. As well as this, they use sustainable materials and all of its houses incorporate a breathable wall system (foil and Styrofoam free) to maintain a healthy living environment, which is particularly good for allergy sufferers!

Each WeberHaus is custom designed to suit your specific requirements and they offer architectural services from the design brief, through the full planning and building process. To help you achieve this, they invite you to their show park in Germany, where you can view eight show homes for inspiration and visit their extensive fit out centre to choose different finishing’s.

Design flexibility is a key element and WeberHaus can produce highly contemporary houses to classic traditional styles. They also offer full project management, taking you through the entire process, from demolition of an existing house to landscaping your garden, if required.

Most importantly, what do their clients think?

Jim was keen to find an experienced and skilled team offering high quality, energy efficient homes and that is what he got.

“This has to be the easiest way to build your own home. We have been very impressed by the flexible and ‘can do’ approach of the UK and German team and the quality of the whole WeberHaus construction,” says Jim.

Julian, who is one of their delighted customers hasn’t looked back and has noticed a huge difference between living in a traditional house and his new draught-free, warm and comfortable living environment.

“We chose WeberHaus after extensive research and factory visits. It was clear WeberHaus had the best technical solution and engineering. Not only was that the right judgement, but the entire process has been superbly executed. Great engineering, great people, great process, great house,” he says.

[email protected]     www.weberhaus.co.uk      01727 867900

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