22 Oct 2013

VMZINC unveilis its new colour

Building on the success of its pre-weathered PIGMENTO facade and roofing system colour range, VMZINC has launched PIGMENTO Brown. The ultimate colour selected achieved widespread endorsement from 350 architects who commented on 12 colour samples. PIGMENTO Brown provides a combination of durability and scratch resistance and though designed for projects of all types is particularly suited to those in rural environments. Whether used in new build or renovation projects, it can be used to complement a wide range of building envelope materials having a naturally grained surface texture which is evident through the colour in much the same way as timber grain shows through varnish.

PIGMENTO colours are not painted finishes, having been developed through use of modern chromate-free pigment technology which guarantees colour retention and stability. Other PIGMENTO colours include red, green and blue.

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