How can light be applied to the facade of a house to create a certain mood, give it an identity or provide a focal point? It can be applied in a number of ways via…
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Cedral has been creating timelessly beautiful facades in the UK for over 15 years, offering self-builders and homeowners the opportunity to add the perfect finishing touch to the exterior of their new build or existing…
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The new Trespa® Meteon® Lumen range, launched in February this year, has been chosen to provide the ventilated cladding facade for the Time Saving Home at this year’s Ideal Home Show.
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However crowded the marketplace, real quality will always stand out according to Schueco UK who have increased the range of their Contemporary Living Collection of aluminium windows, doors and façades.
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Building on the success of its pre-weathered PIGMENTO facade and roofing system colour range, VMZINC has launched PIGMENTO Brown. The ultimate colour selected achieved widespread endorsement from 350 architects who commented on 12 colour samples.…
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